Friday, April 27, 2007


Your French Name is:

Anastasie Rey

hahahahaha....i always knew that!

Your Brain's Pattern

You're a simple thinker, and this is actually a very good thing.
You don't complicate matters when you don't have to.
You look for the simplest explanation or solution, and you go with that.
As a result, your mind is uncluttered and free of stress.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

starting over

Page-a-day calendar says:
Sometimes we just have to start over.
It doesn't necessarily mean we have failed.
That's okei.
We just have to start over.

Okei, so it doesn't really apply to me now, but don't you think it's such a liberating statement?
Sometimes we're just too hard on ourselves. :P

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Update on dad

Hi there, just to update u guys who have been sms-ing and asking after my dad...

Dad's operation went smoothly...thank God!
Dr. Ng says he managed to remove 90% of the tumour, but the last 10% is right on top of the speech nodes, so he is unable to remove it yet as it'll affect dad's ability to talk.
Dad is not making a lot of sense now, because although he knows what he wants to say, he is unable to verbalize his thoughts clearly.
Dr. says this will last for another 2-3 weeks, which is a bit of a concern, as dad gets very understandably frustrated when we can't understand him.
I'm praying for a really swift recovery.

Also, we are still waiting for the test results of the tumour, which will take about 5-7 days.
This test will determine if the tumour is benign or malignant....definitely praying and fasting that it's benign.

Thanks once again to all the prayer warriorsn who are standing in the gap for me and my family.
Really appreciate all the encouragement. :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sibling Joy

I am very happy for my bro!!
He got into the course that he wanted in SIM Uni!
And he thought no point trying because he's not likely to get in anyway.
But from what I heard and read, his personality, determination and impressive follow-up e-mail left them with no choice - they just had to give him the position.
Hee hee! :P
Go Jon go! I believe in you. :)

It's great news in the midst of a stressful period.
I didn't post about it earlier, but Doc found a tumour in my dad's brain last week, so we are arranging for an operation to remove it, and test if it's malignant or benign.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried, but I've got a cushion in knowing that God is in control.
So I'm believing that God is really making something good happen in the midst of all these. :)
Just thought I'd give a shout out to all the wonderful frens who are keeping us in prayers.
Thanks very much! :)