Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shoop shoop shoop!

Shachew went ice-skating!
Now contemplating making it a regular activity. 
Hee hee. :P

Friday, January 23, 2009

Where the _ _ _ _ is everyone?!

If it doesn't load, click to watch on Youtube

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy praying!

Okei I haven't been blogging much.
Forgive me.
I'm in the midst of turning my sleeping hours around.
Trying to sleep by 11pm, or latest midnight everynight, so I can wake up at 6am. :P

Yes, since coming back from Korea, I've been waking up at 6am to pray!
Wah ... clap clap for Shachew.
Double clap clap from those who know how well I enjoy my sleep! :P

After reading Dr. Kim's book, I figured I know how to make this happen and SUSTAIN it.
She would "punish" herself by saving a certain amount every time she forgot to do something.
So I've decided to adopt that strategy and "punish" myself by saving $1 for each minute I'm late in my prayer time.
Which means, I'll either be very disciplined and prayerful; or very rich!
Either way, I win.
So far, it's going pretty well, except for the two occasions that I overslept for half an hour each, so my savings are now up by $60.
I donno whether to clap or mourn. :P :P :P

JX came up with a prayer chart based on the 7 parts of creation that I tot was really good cos it's so easy to remember (or work out when you can't remember).
Feel free to use this if you wanna! 

1st: Light - Pray for your "today" word from God; the light of your rhema.
2nd: Waters - Pray for dependence on the Holy Spirit; the water that springs forth in your life.
3rd: Land - Pray for your finances and wealth; what you plow the land for.
4th: Vegetation - Pray for your health and physical body; what you feed on.
5th: Animals - Pray for your career and ministries; what you have dominion over.
6th: Man - Pray for your relationship with people around you.
7th: Rest - Pray for your walk with God.

I've also decided to go swimming three times a week. 
For any one time I fail to do so in a week, I'll put $5 towards my Christmas gifts funds.
So if you get cheap cheap gifts this year, it probably means I'm very fit and healthy. :P

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

check out the 12,000 at 4.30am

I'm back from Shoppers' Paradise and Prayer Capital!!
I totally enjoyed myself crossing over to year 2009.

It's good I shopped much in HK, cos I could barely find anything to buy in Korea... :P
But I got excited and inspired to imagine the future of CHC as I watched and joined the Koreans in their daily morning prayer!
Imagine an audi of 12,000 full to the brim at 4.30am!
While we were trudging up to our seats, middle-aged uncles and aunties were running past us to start praying as quickly as they could.

Pictures tell a better story, so check out the rest of my photos here

It's time to get elbow deep into work again, and everything else.