Friday, December 22, 2006

It's 5:19am and I'm leaving for Canada in 10 hrs time!!

I've been spinning around since this week began, in order to finish what I need to.
I still haven't finished it, but I think I did as good a handover as I can...
And I can't do anymore for now, so I'm just gonna take off for a good time!!!

I can't wait to see what 2007 will bring.

Christmas cheers,

Saturday, December 16, 2006

hot pink crocodilloes

One of my cg members, Cherrie, works at CROCS and she got us all a pair of CROCS each for Christmas!
I couldn't resist the hot pink mary janes.
My dad thinks I'm mad cos it won't go with anything I wear, but it's such a happy-looking pair, so I don't really care anyway! :P

Gosh, I wonder how much Cherrie spent, considering there are about 20 people in the cg.

I still can't believe it ... I'm flying off next Fri!
I only have one week in which I've to finish, like ... 245 things!!
Ha ha.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Toughie to be ruthless to myself and gracious to others?

Saturday, December 2, 2006

ancient of days

Oh man, was my granddad a Leslie Cheung or what...?!
I heard he was really popular back then, and with a face like that...I'm not surprised.

But what really got me was when Wan Ee pointed out that I really looked like my grandma!
No, this not the one who stays with me and took care of me growing up ...
This is my dad's mum, who has already passed on.
Yes, the one whose memoirs we are printing.

But gosh, I never realised it ... she's a Mulan too!

Thursday, November 30, 2006


You know that feeling that you haven't done anything measurable the whole day?!

There's a whole list of things to do, and I've been busy working on them the whole day ...
But why issit that I can only cross out 1-2 at the end of the day??
It's annoying to have little pebbles slip in when you're trying to fit in rocks.

Sigh, never mind, TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER.
Uncharted territory is good. :)

I've just finished reading Fellowship Of The Ring.
Now where's my copy of The Two Towers ...

On a lighter note, it's really something how fast God can move when you set Him a challenge.
I casually mentioned that if it was His will, then do please open up THIS particular way.
And He did it the very next day.
Now for THAT other hurdle ... hahaha.

Monday, November 27, 2006

A piece of "Gao-Gao-Ah-Ma"

Dad says they are gonna publish a book of memoirs that my late granny wrote.
He even wrote a foreward for it, which he read to me, and I thought it was really good.
But apparently, the book's only for family members and friends, because it's meant as a thank you to acknowledge all the people who have helped her and the family over the years.

I asked why don't we publish it large-scale and promote it to schools so they can use it as a literature text?
After all, granny used to be a Chinese teacher and principal, so I'm sure her writing is ichiban, even though I've yet to read it.
He says they'll see how it goes.

And then he said they are thinking of translating it into English.
I quickly jumped at the chance and said, "I can do it!!"
And truth be told, I am really excited at the thought of it.

Friday, November 24, 2006

dao dai

Sometimes comfort and assuring reminders come from the most unlikeliest places.
God works in very very funny ways.

Sidetrack: I've been a little hooked on Jolin Tsai's "Rewind," ever since Carol sang it and told me that Jay Chou wrote it.

Monday, November 6, 2006

In Your promises, our hearts turn brave

"And now, God, do it again—
bring rains to our drought-stricken lives
So those who planted their crops in despair
will shout hurrahs at the harvest,
So those who went off with heavy hearts
will come home laughing, with armloads of blessing."

(Psalm 126:5-6, The Message)

"They who sow in tears shall reap in joy and singing.
He who goes forth bearing seed and weeping
[at needing his precious supply of grain for sowing]
shall doubtless come again with rejoicing,
bringing his sheaves with him."

(Psalm 126:5-6, Amplified Bible)

Moving from the realm of the valuable into the realm of the precious.


Now is the time when heaven blends with early saints
The world resounds as angels sing "Our God reigns"

I give my all to You
I give my all to You

From heaven's throne, Your river flows to this land
And on this rock, foundations lay
Here we stand

I give my all to You
I give my all to You

Pouring out this treasure You gave
In Your promises our hearts turn brave
I will arise and lay down this sacrifice
As we're building Your house on high

Your kingdom come, Your will be done
On earth as in heaven

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Heightened sense of smell

I smell KFC chicken everywhere I go ... not a good sign. :)

Monday, October 30, 2006


Oh my!
I'm 27 and 2 months away from the end of the year!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

of geekish days gone by

Dad's gone to Beijing and Jon's still in Canada.
My auntie's family is flying over to Canada tomorrow to settle their PR stuff.
So when Amy couldn't get a seat on today's flight, I considered staying back with her till Monday, but said no eventually because Mum's all alone at home.

Pei Ge (our printer) very kindly woke up so early to drive me to the airport, but *surprise surprise* I overslept!
So when he called at 7am to say that he was downstairs, Amy jumped out of bed, and spoke in such a crisp and awake voice, "Wei Pei Ge! Hao ah, ni gei wo men shi fen zhong..." (Hullo Pei Ge! Okei...give us 10 mins).
Then she hung up the phone and said to me, "Oh no, Sharon, you didn't wake up earlier!" and then as I watched her running around the room wondering what she should start doing first, she went "Okei, don't panic ah!" and then promptly disappeared into the bathroom.
I stared at her very bewildered because she seemed more gan cheong than me and she wasn't going anywhere!
As the bathroom door shut, I realised I hadn't said anything since I woke up, and her "Don't panic ah" made a giggle rise in my throat.
I give her credit, though.
She can always hear the alarms and is able to wake up at any time.
If not for her, they would have to kick down the door in order to get to me, and even then, I'll prob sit up and ask "Who's Pei Ge...."
And she woke up so early just to say bye.
Kinda wished I was still back there. Haha. :P

Anyway, I took almost 20 minutes to get ready and throw the rest of my stuff into my luggage.
Then I said my byes to poor Amy, and flung myself downstairs to meet Pei Ge.
And then we met the peak hour traffic jam, so our conversation was interspersed with comments like "The flight is overbooked today. What if they gave your seat to someone else?" and "I think we'll get there an hour before your flight."
So the 1-hr and 20-mins drive there was a little worrying...

I got to the airport 50 mins before my flight, and when Pei Ge said bye to me, I couldn't help thinking, "What if they dun let me on the flight?! Is he gonna drive all the way back to pick me up? Hm. :P"
Anyway, I went and checked in, and was concentrating so hard on the time that I didn't even respond when the counter stewardess said, "我給了你商務艙的座位。“
Delayed action Shar only realised upon leaving the counter that "I'VE BEEN UPGRADED TO BUSINESS CLASS!"
She must have thought I was one kind of a snob. Haha.
So suaku right, but I've never been upgraded!!
And the seats are big and comfy and lunch comes in courses and dessert was haagen daz okei.

And then and then, when I arrived in Singapore, I was greeted by a whole bunch of people at the arrival hall.
"Gosh, they didn't need to send so many people to come receive me..."
And then I regretted not looking more closely, because after I cleared the customs (Yah, for the first time in my life, I had to put my luggage through the x-ray machine coming out!) and walked out, I realised that the crowd was waiting for ANDY LAU!
Aiyah....I should have waited inside.
Anyway, his flight was not arriving for another 10 more minutes, so I spent 2 seconds debating if I should hang around to be a kaypoh.
Somewhere between the first and second second, my mind was thrown into a flashback of when I was 11 years old.
(Yes, it felt very much like I was in a scene in some drama serial.)

My cousin, brother and I were at the airport waiting for Andy Lau to arrive, and because we were there real early and his flight was delayed, we took the skytrain up and down and played cards to while away time.
We were all geeks lah, so we weren't afraid to be embarassed. :P
Us gals were crazy over him, and my brother was excited to tag along for the excitement of seeing a celebrity in the flesh.
Turns out seven-year-old Jon was instrumental ... because he was the one who scrambled under the barrier belt to stick my autograph book right under Andy Lau's nose and got his signature for me.
And it was the only one he signed during that walk out, so we were all slapping Jon on the back for a job well done, especially me.

Something about that memory touched me immensely, because I realised it spoke a lot about the kind of guy my bro is.
He's not exactly the most aggressive guy alive, so for him to rush to the front for that autograph was out of character.
Jon will not push for what he wants at the expense of someone else, but when it comes to fighting for what someone else wants (especially someone he loves), it's like he has this internal push that finds a way to make it happen.
Yeh, I've got a great brother. :)

Anyway, so did I wait to see Andy Lau arrive?
Can't believe I stumbled on it!
The guards ushered him along the aisle and within 10 secs, he was safe inside his Maxicab, leaving in his wake a crowd of starry-eyed housewives and young ladies.
He's as good looking as ever, and doesn't look a day over 25.
Haha. :)

Sorry no pics, cos my hp camera is eyeball-rolling-cannot-make-it.
I got what I thought was a good shot, but by the time it registered on my hp cam, it turned out a shot of his blurred profile.

But still, what a day!! :)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oh brilliant Jay Chou

'nuff said. :)

Oh no, wait, there's more.
Liu Geng Hong brought Jay Chou to church and he got saved!
*jumps in air*

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Dear all,

I am back in Taiwan!
Pls pray....
I have this super annoying throat infection, and it hurts like mad.
And the sneezes make me want to shut my eyes, while my mind is working overtime.

I am guzzling down my dad's TCM pills like they are Godiva dark chocolate pieces. :P
The good thing is, I've lost my appetite again, cos I can't really taste anything much!!
Which means, I won't put on weight yah?

Friday, October 13, 2006

no poppy syndrome

Hey hey, let's do the Kallang roar!
This is a Singaporean singer--Olivia Ong!
And she wrote her own lyrics for this song.
I like! :)
And I'm thinking....Joyce sounds like her!
And Joyce writes songs too.
Joyce should come out and cut an album lah.

Read the lyrics.
No no, not posting this song cos' I'm going thru some major personal upheaval, but this song is for all those who have gone thru' times when they are tempted to give up (which shd be abt 99% of us?)
And just the fact that she's a Singaporean singer who sounds good and is doing well, makes me happy to put her on my blog! :)


This road that I'm taking twists and turns
My life, my chance
Turning dreams into reality

Down this path
Faced with so many things
Sometimes I feel like giving up and turn away

Can't seem to go on
And I've been thru' this before
Now where am I?
Where do I stand?
A little lost here
But I'll remember all those times you've brought me thru'
I'd be a fool to give up cos' the goal is near

I'll move on, I'll go on
Lord I will take Your hand
And you will guide me along
Survive thru' this storm
So I say, come what may
I'll hold on to my hope
Yes, I will walk down this road
And my passion drive will lead me on

Here I am
Once again, caught in the rain
Looking back, I've come so far
And I want to carry on

Take a step at a time
It's alright
Even thru' this rain, I want to smile again

Don't hold back now
And I've been thru' this before
Now where am I?
Where do I stand?
A little lost here
But I'll remember all those times You've brought me thru'
I can feel the sun shining down on me

Here I am
Here I am
Lord I will take your hand
And you will guide me along
Survive thru' this storm
So I say, come what may, I'll hold on to my hope
Yes I will walk down this road
And my passion drive will lead me on

just 'cos it's nice to dream....

I've been thinking about money.

More specifically, I've been thinking....
If I had a billion bucks, this is how i would lurf to squander it!

1. Invest in Canada and "buy" my family PR status there
- No, i'm not all that interested myself, but I know my parents would lurf to settle down there.

2. Build a stadium in the marketplace
- For the marketplace, and to penetrate the marketplace. :)

3. Buy myself a wakeboarding boat
- And for days when I am not so keen to ache the day after, I'll enjoy just speeding along in Singapore's waters

4. Pay for my family to go on a holiday every year, and everyone gets unlimited spending money
- To places like Alaska, Seychelles, New Zealand, Switzerland, Europe

5. Buy a penthouse
- And it's gotta have a pool! And a fantastic private cinema!

6. Buy good Christmas gifts for people I value and lurf
- The kind that will make the recipients go into a daze and forget to breath for 5 seconds

7. Upgrade to a Macbook
- And every other accessory I can own along with it

8. Go shopping
- Unrestrained

9. Get my granny a posh car and her own chauffeur
- So she doesn't have to put up with bus drivers who insist on stopping so far from the kerb that passengers with aching joints have to leap off the precarious high step, while hoping with all their hearts that the bus doesn't move off

10. Start up a business for my dad and mum to run
- And while I'm at it, might as well get dad a Merc to drive himself and mum around

Yep, that should about take care of a billion bucks. :)

Friday, October 6, 2006


It just hit me that my brother is leaving TOMORROW for Canada, and he's gonna be there for 3 months!
And I just realised I am so gonna miss him.
More than I'm excited about Christmas on Whistler!

Thursday, October 5, 2006

growing up

Do you find that, the older you get, the longer you take to make a decision?
Maybe it's because the older you get, the further you see.
And suddenly, you are not just making a simple decision anymore, but you're facing a montage of possible outcomes.

I like what Martin Smith said:

"I've realized,
that to be a history maker,
it's very little about doing this (leading on stage)
but it's everything about what's going on here (the heart).

Psalm 24 says, "He who has clean hands and a pure heart ...
He will ascend the hill of the Lord."

Being a history maker is about the choices you make,
not about the songs you sing.

It's about staying married to the person you promised to be with.
It's about honoring your friends before yourself.
And it's about walking humbly before the King of Kings."

None of which are easy decisions to make, huh?
And yet, gosh, they are the ones that determine your path in life.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Anyone wants some freelance copywriting or editing?
Or you know someone who will want such services?
I want to maximize my resources!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A day in the life of a HDB Tai-tai

Ooh ... I didn't even know there were massage pools in Singapore!
Gosh, it was sooooo good to be pummelled by the water jets.
There was the one that's like a jacuzzi.
And the massage bed (in a pool!) where Caro and I just chilled.
And the walking corridor filled with bubble jets (ha, like the printer) etc....
We should have tried the swan necks but I didn't think I was up to it, thanks to the wakeboarding aches.

Then we segued into an afternoon of enjoyable company and mouth-watering food at Shangri-La.
But before I get carried away about the food ... who was there?
Faith the berfdae gal plus Kai Kong and Yah Lan who brought Annya along too.
And of course, we all swooned over the mini-beauty queen with her mesmerising eyes.

Man, I am thinking of the food now.
Couldn't get enough of the salmon.
And they had 101 varieties of tea!
I'm more of a coffee person, but still, variety always impresses, doesn't it? Hahaha.
Plus, the chocolate in the fondue was ooh la la.

Then, ended off my tai-tai day out with the mandatory shopping and movie! :)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Cornball: "Looks like it's been a frenly weekend."

Went wakeboarding ... and then met up with old frens for a pig out session before we sent Mk off at the airport.
Too tired to elaborate, but I had a good time, and it was real good to catch up.

Have hi-tea and dinner with some other great frens to look forward to tomorrow. :)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

i want my own chocolate fountain

I went for the yummiest buffet ever ... chocolate, chocolate and ooh-la-la more chocolate!
The chocolate fountain was 5 levels!
Okei, so I didn't use more than the lowest level to coat my strawberries (which were just-right-sweet, btw).
But still, the aroma as I was walking past the fountain was enough to make me light-headed.
And the orange-chocolate cake ... and the hot chocolate ... and the many other cakes that I cannot even remember names of ...

And you know, the natural high from chocolate really does increase yr pulse rate!
I checked about half an hour later ... my pulse was pumping at 124/min ... beat that!
Gosh, does that mean I never have to exercise ever again?
I can just eat chocs my whole life and run on adrenaline.

Thanks Jae, for the treat and the very enjoyable company.
And for ... well, you-know-what. Hahaha ...

Nicole was in town too, so we met up with her and Darren for "The Banquet" after.
It's really an epic, but almost elegiac in nature.
Full of grandeur and elaborate in the making, but also chock-ful of subtle nuances ...
And I was looking to fill my eye candy quota with Daniel Wu, but somehow I found Zhou Xun even more captivating.
She was gorgeous in her character, and very beautifully vulnerable as the only one who loved without a hidden agenda.
Whereas somewhere towards the end of the show, I can't remember why but I lost respect for Daniel Wu's character. :P

Sunday, September 10, 2006

buah gee gu

My gee gu and his family returned from Canada for a visit ... and spent 2 very packed-with-socialising weeks here.
Too many things to do, too little time to take pics!
So you only get to see this, which was taken on the last day, after 4 hrs of karaoke.
It looks like a small clan because there's also my auntie's family, plus my uncle's inlaws, plus their fren's family etc.

They brought much laughter and talk to our place while they were staying here ... so now that they're gone again, the place feels quiet!
Oh well ... I'll see them again in about 2.5 months time! Woo hoo! :)

what do u call yr mum's cousin's daughter?

Little Caleigh fascinated by koi!

So when we got her to face the camera ... notice her indignant raised eyebrow...

And then, finally ... a full-frontal shot! :)

She looks mang zang huh?
But surprisingly, she's the most phlegmatic baby I know!
Super obliging and amazing disposition.
It's hard not to swoon over her...

Wednesday, September 6, 2006


Some of you have heard this 10 times, but I'm gonna say it anyway.
I'm going to Vancouver in December!!
And we're planning to spend Christmas on Whistler!!
Woo hoo ... I lurf flying to far-away places.
I wonder how close we'll be to Alaska and the polar bears ...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I covet King David's heart

I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.
~Frederick Douglass~

Whatever games are played with us, we must play no games with ourselves.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

The evil are devious. The righteous must be even more "devious".
~from a Stephen Chow movie~

Haha! Wisdom to be gleaned from Zhou Xing Chi.

I don't know if this is good or bad.
I'm getting more and more adept at recognising the games humans play, but I'm not getting any quicker at reacting to them.
Maybe I'm naive, but it still shocks me when I get a glimpse of the human heart from time to time.
It frustrates me to the core when people can't seem to play straight.
It stuns me so I lose my concentration for a few minutes there.
And it's everywhere!

It's getting increasingly harder to be real.

What can I give in exchange for the wisdom and heart of God in me?

Saturday, August 26, 2006

laksa pasta

We had our department lunch at WildRocket today and it's such a good find! :)

I had the laksa pesto linguine-something and it was good!

Oh, so was the tiramisu and dark lava and strawberry cheesecake.
Oh yummy.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

folli follicle

I miss my long hair!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

taiwan taiwan

I'm in Taiwan again, but only for 4 days this time.
Which is good, 'cos it gives my face time to recover from the whiplash of the previous trip. :P
Okei, while we are waiting for our cab ... a quick update:

We're in another hotel this time!
I lurf trying new places ... it's boring to stick to the same stuff all the time when you're overseas.
And I lurf the hotel room!!
It's spacious enough to make me feel like we have our own personal space, plus Amy and I get a queen-sized bed EACH!
Hee hee.
Plus the room's a proper rectangular shape, with no absurd corners...
Plus my bed is at the end.
I lurf it when I can take in everything at a glance, seeing I don't have eyes at the back of my head, and it gives you a headache to keep scanning your environment.

Okei I am starving, but we are going to the printers now!
Craving for KFC. :P

Friday, August 18, 2006


I got the pics!! :)

I like this one, 'cos it's easy to see why yah?

This one for the mimosa-looking thing in the middle.

And this one, just cos it cracks me up! It looks like a demented claw! Hahaha...

And here's a conventional one...

Here's us having some fun in an alley...

Charlie and his angels, supposedly...

Here's the real "HAIYAH!" pic, before we scurried away into the safety of the dark alley...hee hee.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

*furrowed brows*

Yay! Chatterbox is up! But how do I change background pic on this blogskin?!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

pretty rain

Okei, I'm aware that this is sappy.
But I just saw the prettiest rainfall!
If you wanna feel like you're on the inside of a waterfall, get perched at a vertigo-inducing level the next rainy day (with the window grilles out of the way) and PEER DOWN.
Lovelier with lotsa trees down below.

Yes, I tried to take a picture, but the Cybershot is as inept with rainfall as it is with fireworks. :P

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Yay! I caught fireworks tonight, thanks to Wan Ee! :)
She asked me along for dinner with ooh la la Ash, and designer-Adrian came along impromptu-ly.

Gosh, it certainly felt like we never stopped eating tonight ... :P
We hit one restaurant and 2 cafes in a few hours.
But we started and ended with dessert, and everyone knows that dessert doesn't count.

Okei, here's a pic of the fireworks.

I know!! How disappointing is my Cybershot?!
This pic does no justice to the show AT ALL.
I gave up after a few pics, cos they were so nothing....
Never mind, will wait for the other pics from Ash and Adrian.

This year's crowd was hilarious.
They were wow-ing at EVERYTHING.
And Ash and I kept laughing sneakily at this super-loud, super-beng boy behind us.

"You call these fireworks?!"
"Come on lah, all these one-line one-line fireworks ... delay time only..."
"Oei! Sit down lah!!"

Thursday, August 10, 2006


I've found a new blogskin!
But it's not up yet, cos I'm still tweaking it.

For now, I've finally gotten my photos uploaded so here are a few of them!

Yi) On hols in Bintan

Shazperenza Bloom! All I need are my elf ears.

After-lunch drowsiness hits!

I like this pic cos of the sampan in the middle of nowhere ...

Isn't this gorgeous?!

They went nuts playing foozball in the middle of the night ... I think we woke the whole resort.

Er) My first working trip to Taipei, Taiwan!

That's the typhoon/tropical storm brewing in Taipei! There were 2 of them actually. The first one was spinning wildly towards Taipei and looked set to hit during the Emerge Conference, but it dissipated into nothing much, which was great ... I really think it was all the prayers. The Taiwanese said they had never seen such a bizarre typhoon ever. Haha.

The second one was the nite before I returned to Singapore. But it was disappointing ... I kinda pictured us gasping at the uprooted trees etc, but it turned out to be mostly just heavy rain and trees swaying in the wind. :P

My colleagues and me having a yummy dinner (mostly our only meal for the day, cos of our warped sleeping habits :P)

San) Out of Mulan's shadow ...

This skirt makes me feel like a gal! Never mind that I keep tripping over it when I climb stairs. :P

Wednesday, August 9, 2006


Now I've lost all my links! :P
What's everyone's blog address??

Quick update me!!

Tuesday, August 8, 2006


Okei, I've done it.
I've crossed over to the dark side.
I got sick of the pale background and the anorexic font on it that I can't change 'cos there are no editing buttons when I make my posts!
Why? Cos blogger is not fruit-friendly.
At least this template comes with a better font.

Somehow the dark side looks brighter.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Stop Piracy

Gosh, this is what happens when you BUY cds!
You get to hear heaps of other songs you never intended to, and then you end up finding out where Delirious? got their inspiration from!
Isn't the first part of this song all "Take Off My Shoes"?!

Thursday, July 27, 2006


I am back from Taiwan!

Now I have to turn my body clock back, cos I spent 99% of my days in Taipei sleeping at 7am. :P
It's madness being nocturnal.

And I've got to pack!!
How ah ... I need a bigger wardrobe, preferably one the size of my room.
I fell asleep last night dreaming of the way I want my room to look, if I had the money to splash on it. Hee hee.

I vaguely remember that I am supposed to put on some pictures. Haha.
I'll try to get around to it ... after I unpack and finish reading my mags and meeting up with my frens. :P

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I do realise I should be posting more pics on my blog, but it's just too bad my camera doesn't seem to wanna stick on my list of "Things to Bring When I Leave My Hotel Room".

Although, I'll try and remember to take some pics later ... because I'm meeting up with Elaine, Sherlyn, Yunjie and Sonia!!!
Can you believe it, I've been in Taipei since June 26 and I haven't met up with Sonia yet?! :P
I forgot to turn on that part of my brain that says, "Sonia lives in Taiwan".

Hm ... you know, if I go downstairs now, I'd be able to have a taste of the breakfast they're serving in this hotel.
Amy and I have been talking about making it for breakfast ever since we arrived, but we've been here for more than 2 weeks (even changed hotels in the midst of it) and it hasn't happened yet, because between 7 to 10am, we're invariably still sleeping. :P
Yes, I am fully nocturnal now, which is BAD.
And "nocturnal" always reminds me of Professor Lupin.

Can someone tell me how to switch my body back to the living-by-day-and-sleeping-by-night mode?
And while you're at it, if you can tell me how to NOT put on weight while I guzzle down the Taiwanese oh-so-many specialties ... ?

oh happy day!

I went to the biggest bookstore in Taipei today, Eslite!
It looks like Kinokuniya and is open till 2am~!
I was so happy to finally be in the company of books again!

Amy was quick ... she swooped around, quickly picked up 5-6 mags and paid for them.
I tot to myself, "Gosh, I would lurf to spend the whole day here ..."
Most of the books were in Chinese, but no matter ... I found stuff to buy anyway:

1. The curious incident of the dog in the night-time (Mark Haddon)
2. The shadow of the wind (Carlos Ruiz Zafon)
3. A Chinese dictionary of simplified and traditional Chinese

Hope they make good reads ...

I even came across a mag with Cho Seung Woo on the cover, but it's all in Korean!

Never mind ... I know where to destress in future. Hee hee. :P

Saturday, July 8, 2006

the sun is up!

I have insomnia.
It is 6am and I really should be sleeping, but I am so awake that my brain has no choice but to think of the most ridiculous thoughts like,

"Ooh....wouldn't it be exciting if a typhoon really comes? What if the room window is blown to pieces? Maybe we should hide in between the 2 beds so if a sofa flies in, we will not be slammed against the wall..."


"Why does the light on Chashew Bao (my iBook) blink when I put it to sleep? Gosh, look at the patterns in the dark it's making..."


"Hey, it's snow season in Oz now! I wanna go skiing....Sigh...all those happy ppl in Melb who get to go....Ooh, I miss Koko Black...Hm...I wonder if I can make my own hot chocolate with really good dark chocolate?"

Yah, random thoughts like these...which go on for about a few hours, as I try to "drift" off to sleep....

And it doesn't help that Lord of the Rings was playing on TV earlier, which totally got me hyperventilating about several things all at once...the snow...the brilliance of Peter Jackson...the loyalty of Sam....the armor bearer heart of Legolas (yes, and how cool he is) spiritual the whole trilogy was. Yah, sometimes I find it hard to catch some things when they are preached to me straight, but gimme a story or movie, and I'll dissect it and relate it and analyse it and feel it for you. Watch LOTR with me and you will stand in awe at what I can get out of it. Heh heh.

Oh yes! CHT is out and it looks gooooooood. :) Heard some good comments on it too, which is encouraging!

Emerge Taiwan coming up!! So excited that I'm actually going to attend it. :)

Okei I think I'm gonna go back to bed and try to sleep again...but lastly, here's another berfdae greeting for you Laine! I pray that God will drench you in all kinds of blessings, and that you will see the desires of your heart fulfilled, soon. :) Can't wait to meet up with you guys in Taiwan next week! Lurf ya, gal.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

I'm a Girl Next Door leh ... right or left side?

Sharon, you're a Girl Next Door!

You are the Girl Next Door

Cute, fun, and sweet, you're Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, and Meg Ryan all rolled up into one — the perfect Girl Next Door. Naturally pretty, unpretentious, and generous, you demand your share of respect, but you aren't particularly high-maintenance. What's your ideal date? Probably a Blockbuster night — you don't mind skipping an evening on the town if it means getting some old-fashioned snuggling on the sofa. Careful yet spontaneous, you're a little bit of the Guy's Girl, a smidge of Sorority Sister (the nice kind), and just a hint of the Hippie Chick. But you've got an appeal that's all your own, which is why the guys can't stay away. People are attracted to your strong values and traditional ways. Your winning smile, bright eyes, and loving nature will make anyone want to hold on tight and never let go.


You can tell I'm stressed by the amount of bo-liao tests I am doing. Haha.
And I'm actually buay pai seh to paste such flattering results on my blog....double haha.
Too bad I dun really like Jennifer Aniston, but Sandra Bullock and Meg Ryan are cool.
Anymore fun tests, can throw my way.
I'll do them when I want to sleep but can't. :P

Tuesday, July 4, 2006


You are a Spatial Thinker

Spatial Thinkers:
Tend to think in pictures, and can develop good mental models of the physical world.
Think well in three dimensions
Have a flair for working with objects
Like other spatial thinkers, Leonardo had a talent for designing buildings and machinery. He also invented a new style of map making

Other Spatial Thinkers include
Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo, Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Careers which suit Spatial Thinkers include
Mechanic, Photographer, Artist, Architect, Engineer, Builder, Set designer

*scratch head*
How can I be a spatial thinker when I am such a klutz?!
This is so weird.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I am in Taiwan!

Thanks to work, I am finally in the city of ooh la la shopping and yummilicious food so plentiful u'll sprain yr neck trying to keep track of everyone of them!
Okei okei, that was lame.
But I can be excused because I am tired. Haha.

I am taking a break while waiting for Amy to settle fonts on her powerbook.
(Which reminds me, I want a MACBOOK!!! :P)
I imagine all the Mac users yelling "YEH GO FOR IT, SISTA!" until I ask...
Who wants to buy me one?? *sweet smile*
Hee hee.

Okei okei, I'm going back to kaypoh on poor stressed Amy.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

lurf this song






Monday, June 19, 2006

my love languages

I did the test and it says:

Your primary love language is probably
Words of Affirmation
with a secondary love language being
Quality Time.

Complete set of results
Words of Affirmation: 10
Quality Time: 6
Receiving Gifts: 5
Acts of Service: 4
Physical Touch: 4

Take the test at

HUH?! When did Quality Time climb so high up the ranks?!
And Physical Touch went all the way down to the bottom?!
This is so weird.

Anyway, it's been so long since I blogged that I forgot my username, and I only managed to sign in on the third try! :P

Happy Father's Day to one and all who are reading this.
I hope you had a good one! :)

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

of bings and paos and xiangs

There is a lull in my blogging world.
Which means, I'm out of time/things to post ... :P

Btw, congrats PAP for winning the elections.

Oh wait!
I do have something to say ... Mum bought Dad a most lovely wooden Chinese Chess set, and he's been getting us to play with him.
Dad says I'm not bad for a beginner ... yay!
Even though I am always 54 steps slower in my strategising, but at least I won't go senile when I grow old! Haha!!

Gosh, it's really not easy to command an army. :P
Must know how to defend and attack and anticipate your enemy's moves.
Which makes me wonder ... why do men make the best generals when they are not known to be good at multi-tasking?

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

berfdae bits

My cg celebrating my berfdae for me...The jacket I'm wearing is a gift from my old cg!
How sweet of them to remember and get together to buy me my first item from Skin. Heh heh. :)

Don't I look like I'm out on a romantic date?!! Hahaha....Actually, I was with....

And my aunt and uncle too!

And here's me getting wasted ... :P Haha ... Neh, I had a mocktail instead, which really tasted like an expensive excuse for a cherryade ...

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

i'm 27!

I had a most enjoyable evening to end off my berfdae celebration for this year!
A pity we didn't think of taking photos. :P

It's been about 4-5 years since I last went to the Ritz Carlton lounge, so I tot I'd go satisfy my craving for the ice lemon tea there with Laine and Sherl.
Imagine my surprise to find out they've got a great live band now too!
Esp. the pianist, Mervyn, who is really one happy, gifted player.

It was just one of those nites where everything came together to make it delightful.
The pianist came by to say hi, and I also made the acquaintance of this other lady, Jennifer, who is stopping by Singapore on her way back to London from New Zealand.
Her berfdae is tomorrow and her mum made her a berfdae dedication too.
Actually, she had 3 berfdae dedications, cos the band got her name wrong on the first two occasions and for some inexplicable reason, she became Alice instead. Hahaha.
My first dedication "Over The Rainbow" also resulted in me becoming "Shaun" which annoyed the gals no end, so I ended up with "Home" and "Moon River" too!
Then someone else requested "You're Beautiful" and "Save The Last Dance For Me", which pretty much completed the evening for me.

It's been a good berfdae this year-good gifts, good company, good times.
Even the build up to it was significantly happier than in previous years.
Maybe cos I'm finally back in Singapore and celebrating on home ground for the first time in 3 years! Haha.

I'll try and put photos up of this year's berfdae bits and pieces over the next few days.

Monday, April 17, 2006

easter reverberations

Maybe I no longer identify with Simon Peter as much as I used to.
Or I've grown in a different direction since then.

But what got me this Easter was an unnamed disciple in the Easter drama.
And it wasn't even anything much he did at first.
Just grabbed by one of the Roman guards and flung to the floor.
But the picture of this lanky young disciple shrinking back, as he was held at the collar with his face inches from the guard's, keeps surfacing in my head like a photo shot.
What would I do if I were him?
Would I even be that far ahead?
Or watching the One I love being whipped, from afar?

I've always had this fear that when persecution comes, I will not make it.
I don't think I've ever feared death, but I almost cower at the thought of pain.
What's to say that under fear of pain, I will not deny Jesus like Simon Peter?

But when I watched the drama for the fourth and last time, I saw something that told me, it'll all come together somehow.
The same disciple was grabbed by the Roman guard, because he was bent on getting to Jesus during that struggle down Via Dolorosa.
He could have easily been whipped anytime along that road, but I think that was the least of his concerns.
Several times, he sprints to slip through the guard escort and almost manages to reach Jesus, before he is yanked away.
And just when Jesus is inches away from the cross, in a final effort, he pushes aside the guards to finally touch Jesus and holds on to His hand until the guards drag him away.

This petrified looking disciple had his last words from Jesus.
Because love really does make bold.

Sunday, April 9, 2006

something to go with the banana, cheena and ah lian entry

This is the piece Vanessa Mae played during the Hong Kong handover in 1997. It's got all of happy, melancholic, light-hearted and stirring moments. My fave bit is somewhere near the end, just before the drums roll in to steal the show. Even now, this fusion piece still gets me with its brilliant arrangement and execution. Or at least, that's what it sounds like to my very untrained ears. Haha!

p.s. turn up the volume, it's ineffective otherwise.

Friday, April 7, 2006

name my ibook contest comes to an end

And the winner is Gracie with CHASHEW BAO!

Prepare the world for Shachew and her Chashew Bao.
Ooh la la yummy. :O

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

shuang xi

When I was much younger, it was considered uncool to be associated with anything cheena, or remotely linked to a Chinese background.
The 'in' kids in school were always the English-speaking bunch, especially the Eurasians and those who hung out with the Malays.
These were the ones who raved over Madonna and Depeche Mode and Bananarama and Duran Duran.
So they were laughed at in Chinese classes because they read with an ang moh accent.
Big deal.
It only made everyone else want to be like them more.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have the cheena ppl who make your head spin with their Chinese idioms and proverbs and what-nots.
These are the ones who go ga-ga over The Little Tigers and the 4 Heavenly Kings and Sammi Cheng and Vivian Chow.
So they knew nothing about what was going on in Hollywood.
Big deal.
As long as they had their Qiong Yao novels, the world can come to a standstill for all they care.

Having a dad who hails from China, and a mum who taught me to appreciate reading in English, I found myself somewhere in the middle.
My Chinese gang thought I was too Westernized and my English-speaking friends constantly complained that I was too cheena.
And to add on to that, let's not forget that I converse with my cute granny in Hokkien.
I think it was confusing for people who were just getting to know me.
They just didn't know what to call me - Banana, Cheena or Ah Lian.

I would really like to say I am effectively bilingual, but I think my grasp of the Mandarin language is nowhere near my conversant level in English.
I don't think I own a single Chinese book, with the exception of my English-Chinese Bible, and my bed-time reading remains of the English variety.
I have, however, learnt to appreciate and love the beautiful Chinese language.
It only takes a few well-chosen Chinese words to make me swoon, as I realised from watching Huan Zhu Ge Ge! Hahaha.

Walking contradiction? Maybe.

But I've come to terms with it.
I am a hybrid of my environment.
So I am influenced by the Western in my dressing, but I remain staunchly Asian in my values and thoughts.
That's cool for me.
Besides, now that China is starting to open up, it's getting more hip to return to our Chinese roots.
I'm sure everyone who failed Chinese and laughed about it then, is regretting it now. Ha!
If nothing else, it's fun to have friends from all camps of life! :)
Maybe I should pick up Bahasa Indo and Korean, and brush up on my Cantonese too eh? :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

name my ibook

I really should give my iBook a name.
I mean, I'm facing it most of my waking hours.
And it serves me oh-so-well for, music, dvds, surfing, msn-ing etc.
If it were human, it'd be my best fren by now, if not my husband.
So, the least I can do is accord it the benefit of a name right.
Any ideas?

Anyway, at work today, I was feeling the strain of facing technology for most of 8 hours, and so I decided to go for a walk.
Didn't go far....after strolling around with Sharmaine, I then found myself alone in Carrefour looking for inconsequential snacks (i.e. snacks that will not result in weight gain).
Then I realised I haven't really gone grocery shopping since I came back in Dec, and I actually miss it! Haha....

Walking down the aisles, I kinda went into "Friday-is-Marketing-Day-in-Melbourne" mode and started thinking:
"Hm...should I buy some tsuyu to make cha soba?"
"How come no plum sauce?! I wanna cook yummy chicken wings..."
"Yay! Tung-I instant noodles....getting sick of CQYD...."
"Really should stock up on some canned food, to tide over the end of the month."

And then guess what, I realised I missed cooking too!
I can hear all the guffaws of Housemates Past ringing in my head at the mention of this:
"Yah right!! Cooking or burning?!"

Sigh, I can't blame them.
Louis actually has incriminating evidence of me setting food and the kitchen etc. on fire.
Come to think of it, the one time I attempted "tang yuen" in peanut soup, I left the pot on the lighted stove the whole night, and I woke up at 6am to a smoky house and a charred pot.
Yes, I can be a hazardous housemate when it comes to cooking. :P
But it doesn't mean I cannot enjoy cooking! Haha...
i just have to be more careful and not multi-task too much.

So, anyway, I determined that I should find some time to cook some dishes here and there.
Maybe for Sunday dinners with my family. :)
Tell me if you have interesting recipes to share!

Okei, I think I am starting to ramble...cos I am I'd better head off to bed.

Sunday, March 5, 2006

a tribute to ppl i spend most of my recent days with

I made a mistake at work this week.
Not exactly a small one that can be overlooked.
For sure, I was upset.
But after a few hours, I thought to myself, I can learn from this (yah, I know it's cliched).
And then I thought about how I felt, and realised, "Hey, being right in the middle of a mistake is not that scary."
In fact, it can be downright cool, if you have the right people around you.

And I did.
I've my department to thank for this.
They didn't gloss over my mistake, but quickly worked out the problem and worked towards how to rectify it, and of course, not repeating it.

My boss mentioned recently that this project I'm working on is a really great starting point for me.
And I so agree.
Nothing integrates you better into an organisation than something you can really sink your teeth into.
But my colleagues also literally hugged me into the department.
By including me in old jokes, remembering to stop and explain things to me, being open with me etc.
It's really the little things that matter.

I enjoy being in a company where people are working towards a common vision.
Where there is no room for politics (and I mean no room whatsoever).
A company where you know that people are upfront with you, so you never have to waste time wondering.

I enjoy working with fun colleagues who can share rounds of belly-aching laughter with me.
And, if and when the pressure piles up, they make an effort to be there and be nice.
I enjoy working for a boss who is firm enough to stand up for his staff, and to nudge them towards growth.
And, i donno how he does it, but although he's not always around, he's always on top of things.

So, I am having a great time at work, really. :)
Here's to Mark, Glyn, Shar, Amy, Nic, Sherin, Vinson, Carmen - Thanks! :)

p.s. I was reminded of this song recently. Lurf the lyrics too, so here it is.
We're only given these years. Let's make the most of it! :)

Our Lives
The Calling

Is there love, tonight
When everyone's dreaming
Of a better life
In this world
Divided by fear
We've got to believe that
There's a reason we're here
Yeah, there's a reason we're here...

Oh, yeah...

Cause these are the days worth living
These are the years we're given
And these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...

See the truth, all around
Our faith can be broken
Our hands can be bound
But open our hearts
And fill up the emptiness
With nothing to stop us
Is it not worth the risk?
Yeah, is it not worth the risk?...

No, yeah...

Cause these are the days worth living
These are the years we're given
And these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...

And even if hope was shattered
I know it wouldn't matter
Cause these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...

We can't go on
Thinking it's wrong to speak our minds
I've got to let out what's inside...

Oh, yeah, let's make the best out of our lives...

Thursday, March 2, 2006

a father's fear

How sweet is this quote?!

“I remember how her little hand used to fit inside mine. Then comes the day when she wants to get her ears pierced, and wants you to drop her off a block before the movie theater. From that moment you’re in a constant panic. You worry about her meeting the wrong kind of guy, the kind of guy who only wants one thing, and you know exactly what that one thing is, because it’s the same thing you wanted when you were their age. Then, you stop worrying about her meeting the wrong guy, and you worry about her meeting the right guy. That’s the greatest fear of all, because…then you lose her.”
- Steve Martin (George Banks) Father of the Bride

Friday, February 24, 2006

a new spin on Monday Blues

Firstly, all the pictures are super BLUE!
Secondly, don't I look like I'm being towed by a helicopter?
Thirdly, I did eventually manage to cross back over the wake, even tho the guys had given up taking photos by then. :)
Fourthly, how retro is this song?!
Fifthly, nothing else. Here are the pics. :P

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Displacement Activity

I have an article due tomorrow, and here I am posting on my blog. :P

I have decided to make a list of what I miss about being in Melbourne.
Don't misread what I'm saying.
I lurf being back in Singapore, and I'm glad to move on, but from time to time, I find myself remembering stuff about Melbourne that I wish I had in Singapore. And for all you happy people who are going back, or already back there, ENJOY! :)

Okei, here it is!
(It's in random order, btw.)

I MISS......

1. Being queen of my domain. Haha! Which also means...
2. Having the freedom to go home anytime I want, but ironically, I tend to stay home a lot more in Melbourne. :P
3. Going for car rides, when my frens are willing and available to indulge me.
4. The parks and beaches, great for some alone-time.
5. Both cell groups and the fun we have hanging out together.
6. Watching Friends non-stop! Haha.
7. My driving lessons. :P
8. The higher probability of taking road trips or ski trips or some form of holiday.
9. The weather.
10. That my complexion is much better there! My face has been breaking out ever since I got back! :P
11. Kuai Le Zhan and all its combinations of housemates.
12. Writing letters to my frens. I imagine that, like me, they'll be happy to get something from overseas. :)
13. Bratwurst and Spanish donuts at Queen Victoria Market.
14. Having the time to meet up with people impromptu.
15. Finding clothes that I actually want to buy....window-shopping at Sportsgirl on my way home from school.
16. Having my own corner in the bathroom for my whole horde of chapalang toiletries and what-nots. Haha...
17. Studying with the LRC bunch.
18. Having people over at my place.
19. Going past the War Memorial.
20. Seeing a bigger piece of the sky when I look up.
21. The toy shop on Mt. Dandenong (Issit called Geppetto?).

Monday, February 20, 2006

sunburnt from wakeboarding

My arms are crying out to be slapped, and I have a natural flush on my cheeks.
I have the ugliest swimming costume strap AND racer-backed tee print on my back and shoulders.
And I was emanating heat on the bus earlier.
I'm pretty sure my neighbour thought I was super feverish.

But the weather was nice today, albeit the latent viciousness of the sun....and I think I'm better at steering now.
I was reminded that I have hips.
They are very useful if you don't want to bore yourself out boarding in a straight line all the way.
Heh heh.
Must remember to bend my knees more though. :P
And it was strange, but I got tired and breathless on my first run!
And my arms ached more than the last time.
Hm....I think my body is settling into its comfort zone, and it wasn't too happy to be woken up today.
But, this beats the gym anytime! Haha...
At least I have fun, even though it's not exactly the cheapest of sports. :P

Okei, if you see a gal wobbling along in suntec the next few days, that'll be me with my shaky knees.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

my v-day

I spent my Valentine's Day with more than 100 people.
It was rather special lah.
You can pay any amount you want for an 8-course dinner.
Every table gets a free photo-shot.
And there's champagne too.
My door-gift was a cute little white and pink salt-n-pepa shaker set.

At this point, you're asking yourself "What kind of a V-day dinner is this?! And you can pay any amount?!"
All the guys are going, "Shar, why you never tell me?!"

Well, this should give you a hint.
Halfway through, we all stood up and went "YAAAAAAMMMMMMMM SENNNNNGGGGGG!"
We raised our glasses to the wedding couple and gave them our best wishes.
Yes, I attended a wedding dinner on Valentine's Day.

It was really rather unique.
Malay food served Chinese wedding dinner style.
The food was YUMMY!
Ayam panggang and nasi kuning and sop buntut, amongst others.
Oh, and I met Louis' fren of the Cynthia there too...
You know it's a small world when your ex-housemate's fren turns out to be your cousin's classmate.

No, no photos as yet, but Daphne looked gorgeous.
Then again, she's always been pretty.
Except that now, she also looks grown-up and....married. :)

Monday, February 13, 2006

some recent tots on the heart

"Most people would rather be certain they're miserable than risk being happy."
Robert Anthony

Is it because they think their heart is not strong enough lest they are disappointed?
Or despite what they say, some masochistic part of them actually enjoys being miserable?

The heart is a tricky thing to trust.

Few years back, I concluded that my heart is a little....stupid (for lack of a better word), and I need to tell it what to do so it doesn't end up running around in circles.
It's like the caterpillars following head-to-tail behind each other on the rim of a flower pot.
Even though there's food for them right in the middle of the pot, they don't know to change direction and so they end up circling the flower until they starve to death.
They are determined to stick to what they know, cos what they don't know is too scary.
What can I say....the heart knows what it wants, but it can't think for itself, and hence it can't lead for nuts.
Most times, it doesn't even make sense.

And it's unpredictable.
Just when you think it is strong enough to withstand any form of disappointment, it cracks under the slightest pressure.
So, you build your fort to try and protect it so that it doesn't crack again, but guess what, it is now stronger than you thought it was.
Sometimes you wonder if it's out to embarrass you.
So, people kept telling me, "You have to guard it," because...

You shouldn't trust something that is never constant.
You should fort something that keeps wanting to break out.
You should quelch it when it keeps wanting to hope.

Actually, you don't.

Because, hope deferred makes the heart sick.
Throughout the Bible, God wants to give us our 'heart's desires" to our "heart's content".

Not to say that everything that the heart wants is good.
But it's about being honest with that which the heart wants.
"But you desire honesty from the heart, so you can teach me to be wise in my inmost being." (Psalm 51:6)

And when it comes to the good things, I recently came to the conclusion that it's not about guarding your heart.
It's about trusting that God will protect it on your behalf.

That's how Jesus managed to love the people, even though they rejected Him.
That's why he eventually died of a broken heart.
If He had hardened his heart, there would have been nothing to break on the Cross.
He put it out there, regardless what it cost Him.

So it doesn't make sense.
So people let you down.
So they talk behind your back and backstab you.
So they assume things about you and act accordingly.

You don't have to keep that room in your heart under lock and key, because...

It's okei to trust in a constant God.
It's okei to trust in Him, the Fort and Protector.
It's okei to keep hoping.

I feel like I've gone a whole round in a span of 26 years, and I realised that I should have kept the heart I had when I was growing up, to save me the journey of a few years.
But well, it's the journey that matters, isn't it? :)
And God has come through enough in my 26 years to prove to me that He's a protective Father.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

what's auld lang syne?

Year after year, I cross over to the new year singing Auld Lang Syne, wondering, "What exactly does it mean?!"
I've always thought it had to do with forgetting the past and moving towards the new.
But turns out, it's about remembering old acquaintances and frens! Haha...

For those who have wondered the same thing, here's the English translation. :)
It's a Scottish folk song btw.

Auld Lang Syne (Old Long Past)

And for old long past, my joy (sweetheart),
For old long past,
We will take a cup of kindness yet,
For old long past,

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
And days of old long past.

And surely you will pay for your pint-vessel!
And surely I will pay for mine!
And we will take a cup of kindness yet,
For old long past.

We two have run about the hillsides
And pulled the wild daisies fine;
But we have wandered many a weary foot
Since old long past.

We two have paddled in the stream,
From morning sun till noon;
But seas between us broad have roared
Since old long past.

And there is a hand, my trusty friend!
And give me a hand of yours!
And we will take a right good-will drink,
For old long past.

Thursday, February 9, 2006

we dressed up for bry's berfdae

dim-sum feast with val, rose and na

rosy's berfdae

Rebekah - Me - Rachel

Dad - Jon - Uncle Richard

Sigh....I look ba-ba hor? For the Hokkien-uninitiated, "ba-ba" means fleshy.
Oh, but u know that I've started work, I think I'm losing weight naturally! Woo hoo! :)

my dad's berfdae is on Christmas Day. :)

My dad said, "Jesus is coming back....." !!!
I took this photo when we were at Jumbo celebrating my dad's berfdae.

ah'm a-wake-ah-boarding

Hm....I realise I can't highlight or bold or italics my text when I am posting on my iBook!
How strange.....

Anyway, it's been a while since this blog has seen something other than cryptic entries and song lyrics, so here are some pics for eye candy! :)

melb gang at my place

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

take off my shoes

In the Old Testament, every priest that went into the Holy of Holies had a rope tied around his leg.
If he was impure or had secret sins in his life, the holiness of God was likely to strike him dead.
The rope meant the people waiting outside could pull him out without getting killed themselves.
This song is about a man's cry to disregard his life for that presence of God.

TAKE OFF MY SHOES (Delirious?)

I'll take off my shoes
I'm coming in
Untie this rope
I'm staying with Him
Love of my life
I'll live and die
Just for the moments
For my King and I

Why did You call
Why did You wait
For someone so guilty
Someone so fake
There are no words
For my beautiful song
Now I'm in the arms
Of my beautiful One

Hold me, blow all the pride
From my bones, with Your fire
Hold me, breathe on this heart
Made of stone, keep it pure
Hold me, Saviour of heaven and earth
King forever
Hold me, Love of my life lead me on
Through the fire, lead me on...

I'll take off this crown
And fall at Your feet
The secret of joy
Are the moments we meet
How could a man
With all of Your fame
Pull me from darkness
And call me by name

So hold me today
As I carry Your cross
Into the desert to
Find who is lost
Look at my hands
They're still full of faith
God keep them clean
Till we finish the race

I'd rather crawl forever in the presence of God than to walk a mile outside of it.

Friday, January 27, 2006

rabbit tale for my heart

"What is REAL?" asked the Rabbit one day, when they were lying side by side near the nursery fender, before Nana came to tidy the room. "Does it mean having things that buzz inside you and a stick-out handle?"
"Real isn't how you are made," said the Skin Horse. "It's a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real."
"Does it hurt?" asked the Rabbit.
"Sometimes," said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. "When you are Real you don't mind being hurt."
"Does it happen all at once, like being wound up," he asked, "or bit by bit?"
"It doesn't happen all at once," said the Skin Horse. "You become. It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand."

From one of my all-time favourites - "The Velveteen Rabbit"

Thursday, January 26, 2006


I am getting lazy at blogging.
Maybe cos recently I have nothing to say in that in-between stage.
Superficial issues are too bland, and the heartfelt issues make me way too vulnerable. :P

Monday, January 23, 2006

Rain Down










Friday, January 20, 2006

happy girl

Yes I am working now!
And yes, it's in church editorial department.
Woo hoo!
Am a happy girl. :)

Plus I am totally enjoying my iBook.
And lurf it that I can access internet wirelessly now.
Woo hoo!
Am a happy girl. :)

Chinese New Year is coming.
Ang baos and once-in-a-year catch-up with some cousins.
Woo hoo!
Am a happy girl. :)

I got a postcard from Japan today!
Yes, it's from Nicole.
Woo hoo!
Am a happy girl. :)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

geisha geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha is ooh-la-la!
Very tastefully done and powerful.
There is power in restraint, I tell you.
Now I wanna read the book and have freakish blue-grey eyes.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

chapalang pics

A grad pic for the record! :)
Make-up credits go to Sis Wei Wei.

My farewell pic with RMIT.

Having a fish n' chips feast at Lorne.
Darren and his mum joined us too for the Great Ocean Road experience.

Mum's berfdae at Cafe Greco, Crown.

Cute Granny tribute 1 - check her out looking all red riding hood in my ski jacket!

Cute Granny Tribute 2 : check her out looking so minute next to mr-tall!

Cute Granny tribute 3 : check her out eating THAT portion!