Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bye bye Papa

Dear all,

My dad's gone home to be with the Lord.
We thank God he was water baptised this afternoon ... just in time.
I wasn't tho ... in time, I mean ... to catch his last moments.
I was late by a few minutes.
Am a bit envious of Jon, as he came out just in time to see Dad's last breath.

But I'll be okei. 
I'm comforted by the thought that I'll see him in heaven.
And that I've told him all I wanted him to know.

I heard he passed on very peacefully, with none of the struggling we were expecting.
And now he's got a smile on his face.
So we're all glad that he's gone on to a happier and better place.
I imagine that now he's finding Jesus lovelier and more loving than he expected. :)

If you'd like to come for the wake, services are on Sun and Mon, 8pm at Blk 44A Marine Crescent.
The cremation will be on Tues morning, 9.45am at Mandai Crematorium. 
We'll leave Blk 44A at 8.30am.

My family and I noticed, the cremation is exactly a month before his berfdae. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

off the cuff

Shar is basking in the coolness that the monsoon season brings.

Shar is keeping her eyes and mind on the King.

Shar wants her dad's cough to BEGONE!

Shar wants to lose some weight. Just a tad. So my pants fit nicely again. :P

Shar can't wait for Asia Conference!

Shar beseeches everyone to hold her back from that Charles & Keith bag and that Zara dress. Oh, and those Muji noodles. Haha. 

Shar is grateful.

Shar is happy at the thought of Christmas. Already! :) 

Shar wants laughter in her life, everyday. HO-HO-HO! 

Monday, November 10, 2008

reservoir in the city

Guess what, it takes my family 40 mins to settle down for a dinner!
Guess who kept track. :P

We celebrated Jon's and Uncle Richard's berfdae last night.
You can catch the pics on my facebook.

After dinner, I finally went to check out Marina Barrage!
I like the HUGE grass patch and the concept of it.
It's so fresh JX said he can smell the dung. Haha.
I tot it smelt more like bird food.

The place needs more cafes and chill out spots, basically more air-conditioned spots.
Cos last nite was suuuuuuper hot and humid! 

It made me miss Melbourne's Docklands leh.
Or rather, the tot that I can sit and chill whole day by the waters.
In a temperature that does not entice your pores to open. :P

Sorry Jim and Zhen for going first without u two, but we went to er ... recce the place! 
Hee hee. We'll def go for our picnic okei ...
When the dung settles, it'll be nice to sit on the grass.
Walking over it last night, I was reminded me of when we were in Israel's Bedouin Desert.

Here's a psychedelic pic I like.

But because I know it's photographically sucky, here's another one a kind soul took for us using his tripod.

You know how sometimes, you are so engrossed by what's on tv, you don't realise that where you are standing, you're blocking yr family members?
Then they go, "Oei! You transparent ah?!"

Well, in this photo, I really almost am.

This is such a tourist shot.  Haha. 

Friday, November 7, 2008


Jon Obi-Wan-nabe.

Never thought I'd be on display.

Monday, November 3, 2008

i found photos taken earlier this year

When Dad was in hospital, everyday was a long day...
This is what we resorted to doing, in between his awake moments and visitors.

Playing BABY mahjong! Haha.
Look how busy Jon is, having to sneak bites of his lunch in between his turns.

My bro good-looking hor? 

Saturday, November 1, 2008

hee hee hee hee....

I was doing my work at Starbucks until I looked up and realised my bf was tired out by the story of the phenomenon that was almost called Googol. 

And here's me on the opposite side....

Haha. :P