Tuesday, May 9, 2006

of bings and paos and xiangs

There is a lull in my blogging world.
Which means, I'm out of time/things to post ... :P

Btw, congrats PAP for winning the elections.

Oh wait!
I do have something to say ... Mum bought Dad a most lovely wooden Chinese Chess set, and he's been getting us to play with him.
Dad says I'm not bad for a beginner ... yay!
Even though I am always 54 steps slower in my strategising, but at least I won't go senile when I grow old! Haha!!

Gosh, it's really not easy to command an army. :P
Must know how to defend and attack and anticipate your enemy's moves.
Which makes me wonder ... why do men make the best generals when they are not known to be good at multi-tasking?

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

berfdae bits

My cg celebrating my berfdae for me...The jacket I'm wearing is a gift from my old cg!
How sweet of them to remember and get together to buy me my first item from Skin. Heh heh. :)

Don't I look like I'm out on a romantic date?!! Hahaha....Actually, I was with....

And my aunt and uncle too!

And here's me getting wasted ... :P Haha ... Neh, I had a mocktail instead, which really tasted like an expensive excuse for a cherryade ...

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

i'm 27!

I had a most enjoyable evening to end off my berfdae celebration for this year!
A pity we didn't think of taking photos. :P

It's been about 4-5 years since I last went to the Ritz Carlton lounge, so I tot I'd go satisfy my craving for the ice lemon tea there with Laine and Sherl.
Imagine my surprise to find out they've got a great live band now too!
Esp. the pianist, Mervyn, who is really one happy, gifted player.

It was just one of those nites where everything came together to make it delightful.
The pianist came by to say hi, and I also made the acquaintance of this other lady, Jennifer, who is stopping by Singapore on her way back to London from New Zealand.
Her berfdae is tomorrow and her mum made her a berfdae dedication too.
Actually, she had 3 berfdae dedications, cos the band got her name wrong on the first two occasions and for some inexplicable reason, she became Alice instead. Hahaha.
My first dedication "Over The Rainbow" also resulted in me becoming "Shaun" which annoyed the gals no end, so I ended up with "Home" and "Moon River" too!
Then someone else requested "You're Beautiful" and "Save The Last Dance For Me", which pretty much completed the evening for me.

It's been a good berfdae this year-good gifts, good company, good times.
Even the build up to it was significantly happier than in previous years.
Maybe cos I'm finally back in Singapore and celebrating on home ground for the first time in 3 years! Haha.

I'll try and put photos up of this year's berfdae bits and pieces over the next few days.