Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Little Princess

The Walking Joke Dictionary

Jianhe called me this morning with the funniest joke.
Yah, he does that from time to time to sprinkle some laughter my way. :)

Aliens were invading our planet, so the world's biggest powers got together to defend it.
The USA general said, "We have the soldiers, so let us do the fighting."
The Russia general said, "We have the tanks, so we'll send them in."
Both pointed at the China general and said, "You have so much land, can you store the supplies and make sure we get them when we need them?"
He said, "Sure!"

So they fought long and hard, the Americans and Russians...
As they were running out of weapons, tanks and steam, the USA general looked at the Russian general and said, "Where is the Chinese general with our supplies?!"
At this point, the Chinese general jumped out from the bush he had been hiding in, and shouted, 


I laughed myself out of bed.
He's the guy for jokes man.

On a sidetrack, I hear Russell Peters is coming!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

F1 sponsor

I made JX's day today.

'Cos I managed to get him a free ticket for the F1 Grand Prix.

At the Pit Grandstand! 

It's worth $2,000!

Oh goodness. 
Can you imagine paying that amount for the tic?!

I shall not reveal who the generous donor is, lest he gets hantam-ed by all his other frens for not giving them the ticket.

But let's just say I'm very grateful that he happened to visit my dad on the day he had an extra ticket ... and he gave it to me even though he was planning to sell it off on Ebay. :P

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Greater things have yet to come....

"Though your beginning was small, 
Yet your latter end would increase abundantly."
~Job 8:7~

A couple of times, i thought about how my parents started working early in their lives.
My mum was fresh out of secondary school when she entered the workforce.
Which meant she started contributing to her household expenses at the age of 16.

In comparison, I started working full-time in a permanent job only when I was 27 years old.
That's a difference of 11 years!

And as I looked around at some of my friends and thought about what I read in the news from time to time, I began to think that it's not just me who's started late.
Many of my peers had delayed entries into the workforce, mostly because of further studies.

The previous generation seemed to have it hard in that, not only were they giving to THEIR parents, they also seemed to be providing for their children (my generation) longer than their parents had. 
Throw in inflation and stuff like overseas studies, and it's easy to understand why they feel the need to become more and more thrifty over the years.

On a parallel dimension, it seems that my generation is in such a stage when it comes to family salvation.
Not only are we praying hard for our parents' salvation, but we are also learning how important it is to grow spiritually with our spouses and raise and lead our children with godly values. 

The generation before us may be carrying the baton longer when it comes to family finances, but we are now reaping from their sacrifices.
Their wise planning, insurance payoffs and investments are carried forward into our lives.

Likewise, my generation may be carrying the baton a little longer.
But I believe this generation is the pivot point where things begin to change.
Not only will we see our parents saved, we will leave an inheritance, a spiritual legacy for our children and their children. 
My generation is the one in which it becomes fashionable for the entire family to serve God together.
The one in which it is the norm once again, for the sons and daughters to be proud to take on their parents' DNA. 

Things are starting to get exciting. :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

simple pleasures

One of my absolute faves since before I left for Melb.
Laine will remember this ... haha.
Our frens who pop by at night always can tell that I've just showered.
Like my bro says, the scent "lingers...."
Yes, he's been won over too.

For some reason, it's seasonal, and hence not always available. 
So when I saw it at Guardian, I grabbed 2 big bottles!
Only because I had no free hands to carry more. :P

It's 946ml each, so it should last my family and me awhile.
Plus, a little of it goes a long way too. :)

It makes me want to take more showers ... Haha. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i lurf impromptu days

Monday was a happy day of spontaneity!
I rushed out of the house in the morning to help Amelia (she's my sec school fren, beat that) with some stuff. 

Then somehow we ended up at Central lunch time, meeting Min for Jap. :)

Accompanied Amelia for her X-Rray after, then caught up with Pheebs for her unplanned berfdae treat at Bakerzin, before she headed for dinner with KS. 

We got too busy chatting to take photos tho! Haha. 

Then it's Min time again as I suddenly thought it'd be nice for us to go for one of our massages.


We then caught up over one of my faves for supper. :P 

I really miss my gallivanting Mondays these days, so it's extra nice when I get a day off to play and do what I wish, at the snap of my fingers! 
Plus, it's always a bonus when the paths of good frens cross mine then too!

Monday, September 22, 2008


I donno where Josh gets all these quotes!!

This is on his MSN nick.

"Take my advice. I don't use it anyway."


Sunday, September 21, 2008

kisses from heaven

This is a very late entry, but we had the scare of our lives last week.

On Thurs night, Mum said Dad was suddenly shivering very badly.
So I rushed home after CGM. 
By then, the shivering had stopped but he seemed super agitated and scared. 
So we prayed for him, and then he finally went to sleep. 

The next morning, he wouldn't wake up no matter how we shook him.
Usually when he's very tired, he'd keep his eyes closed and still open his mouth to eat.
But this time, he couldn't even open his mouth.
I kinda freaked out. I thought we were losing him.
Called the nurse to come check on Dad, and summoned Mum and Jon home. 
Then I smsed Ah Ee, YL and Ps. Tan, who came down as quick as they could. 

Later Dua Gor came and suggested we try to feed him sugar water.
And once Ps. Tan came and said hullo to him, he was a little more able to open his eyes.
We were like, "Whoa...the anointing?!"
Ps. Tan stayed for quite a while, praying over and talking to Dad.
And arranging for Chinese Church staff to come down and follow up etc.
They've been so faithful in visiting Dad, and I can tell Dad's very touched by them.

The nurse and doctor didn't manage to come until late afternoon, and thank God, by then Dad was slowly getting better.
Turns out his blood sugar level was low, cos he hadn't eaten much since 6pm the night before.
So the sugar water really helped...
Now we are paranoid and feeding him every few hours.
He's tired more easily now, and can only sit up for a while everyday.

But in the midst of all these, I thank God for blessing us with a good maid, Sri.
For what she has been doing, she's been exemplary in her care for my dad and us.
With Dad's erratic bladder and bowel movements, we have to wake up 2-3 times in the middle of the night to change his diapers and sometimes even the bed-sheet when it gets soiled.
As I don't sleep early, I manage to help if it happens between 11pm-3am.
Dad can't really shout out, so he alerts us by pulling out the bed-sheet and most times the pressure relief mattress too.
Sri gets the bulk of it because she sleeps on the floor next to Dad's hospital bed, whereas the rest of us sometimes sleep right through it.
Sometimes we tell her to get some rest in the afternoon when Dad is sleeping, but she'll always refuse.
Neither does she seem to eat! Goodness.
I'm always nagging at her to eat, which is an irony seeing that I am irregular with my meals. :P

Mum and I are also so thankful to our companies for their understanding when we need to take urgent leave, and allowing us to work half day from home.

God does bring blessings during valley-times. :)
I call them kisses from heaven.

On a lighter note, here's something nice that Nat did for me. 

She calls it Glamour Girl. 
I lurf it. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

By demand

Okei for those of you who've been asking...
Here's a pic of me and Jianxiong. :)

Yes, will take a nicer one another time...
I keep forgetting lah... :P

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hawaiian Coach

Wee Tat's back from his 99-day sailing and we've all got gifts!
The generous man got all the ladies stuff from Coach....
I wonder how much he spent on the gifts. :P

Isn't the little white tag with the orange splotches cute? Haha. 

Friday, September 5, 2008

Management Guru

Oh my! 
Check out Vincent's 8-year-old son, John, doing a management presentation! :)