Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mozilla's the way to go!

Oh joy of all joys!

I just found out that I can edit my blogger posts if I use Firefox instead of Safari!!

And now I can change color and bold and italicise words and all.


Friday, August 24, 2007

my happy dept

once upon an august

I came to a random realization of myself.
I seldom regret or unchoose the people I have chosen in life.
Maybe I wish I could sometimes.
Loyalty can work for or against you.
But the heart almost has a mind of its own.
And sometimes it is determined to hope and hold on.

On a rabbit's trail: My colleagues and I just had another invigorating discussion about the well-made wonder that is Secret.
Please go watch it.

On another sidetrack: I know it's old, but I like the cartoon Anastasia SO MUCH.
I'm gonna find some time to rewatch it.
After I watch Pan's Labyrinth. :P
Anyway, here's one of my old favourites from there.
This was when Anya finally decided to embark on her journey to find her family.


Heart, don't fail me now!
Courage, don't desert me!
Don't turn back now that we're here
People always say
Life is full of choices
No one ever mentions fear!
Or how a road can seem so long
How the world can seem so vast
Courage see me through
Heart I'm trusting you
On this the past

Somewhere down this road
I know someone's waiting
Years of dreams just can't be wrong
Arms will open wide
I'll be safe and wanted
Fin'lly home where I belong
Well, starting here, my life begins
Starting now, I'm learning fast
Courage see me through
Heart I'm trusting you
On this the past

Heart don't fail me now!
Courage don't desert me!

Home, Love, Family
There was once a time
I must have had them too
Home, Love, Family
I will never be complete
Until I find you...

One step at a time,
One hope, then another
Who knows where this road may go
Back to who I was
On to find my future,
Things my heart still needs to know
Yes, let this be a sign!
Let this road be mine!
Let it lead me to my past
Courage see me through
Heart I'm trusting you
To bring me home...
At last!
At last!
Courage see me through
Heart I'm trusting you


Sometimes we need to revisit our past to go further into our future.

Friday, August 17, 2007

words not included

Thanks to the beauty of Jay Chou's directorial debut Secret, I've been brought back to the loveliness of piano and other instrumental pieces.
Most music pieces come and go, but some stay with you for a long while.
These are some of my favourites.

1. Happy Valley - Vanessa Mae
2. I'm A Doun For Lack Of Johnnie - Vanessa Mae
3. Pachelbel's Canon in D
4. First Love (instrumental version)
5. This is not an instrumental piece, but I lurf the sound of FIREWORKS! :)
6. Moon River (instrumental version)
7. Over The Rainbow (instrumental version)
8. Moulin Rouge Closing Credits: Bolero
9. Suite from My Best Friend's Wedding
10. Suite from Forrest Gump
11. Suite from Parent Trap
12. Father Christmas - The Chronicles of Narnia OST
13. The Premiere Of The Big Boss - Randy Edelman on Dragon, The Bruce Lee Story OST
14. Love Theme - Randy Edelman on While You Were Sleeping OST
12. Angel - Secret OST

These versions of Canon are nice.

What's more touching than a man who loves?

This is a report in Taiwan newspaper Liberty Times on how there are rumours going around that Sun's marriage is undergoing "changes." She laughed them all off, but commented that perhaps only the airline stewards and stewardesses know the depth of her relationship with Ps. Kong.

Now this is the part that I like:

Sun was preparing to return to Singapore on the evening flight, and lo and behold, Ps. Kong turned up in Beijing in the afternoon to fetch the mother-and-son duo back to Singapore. Sun's manager could not fathom why would he go to all the trouble of taking the 7-hr flight, but it turns out that Ps. Kong was due to take off for a conference in Sweden right after Sun and Dayan touch down, and so he opted to spend the 7 hours with his beloved wife and son on the plane.

Now that's passion and commitment.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

hors d'oeuvres

I looked up from my work for a moment and realised that the glass window on my left has morphed into a smorgasbord of post-it notes.
Here's a sample of some reminders in my life:
CHASING DONKEYS - Each step that I obey takes me closer to a place of opportunity-my point of intersection in life.
~Rev. Dr. A.R.Bernard~

"Proving" worth discovers TRUE character under pressure.
~Rev. Dr. Phil Pringle~

The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.
~Norman Vincent Peale~

Faith is a gift from God, gladly given and kept alive by the Spirit.
~Benny Hinn~


Friday, August 10, 2007


I'm revisitting CROSS and DELIRIOUS?
There's something so comforting about the songs ONE and MIRACLE MAKER.

Miracle Maker

I’m waiting here for my life to change,
When the waters stir you can rearrange me.
Just one touch is all I need,
I’ve nothing much but the wounds I feel,
I’m looking for the hand of the miracle man.

Holy, you are holy,
Who was and is and is to come.
Holy, you are holy, Saviour, Healer,
I’m standing at the feet of the miracle maker.

I’m holding on, with your life in mine,
Living water’s come,
And you’ve rearranged me.

Holy you are holy,
Who was and is and is to come.
Holy, you are holy,
Saviour, healer,
I’m staring in the face of the miracle maker.

Holy, you are holy,
Who was and is and is to come.
Jesus, precious Jesus,
Thank you, Saviour,
I’m walking in the shoes of my miracle maker.
I’m standing with the faith of a miracle maker.

Written by Delirious? ©2005 Curious? Music UK

Friday, August 3, 2007


I was editing something and came across this nugget:

Failure is an event, not a lifestyle or destiny.

Good huh? :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Olivia, The Friendly Velveteen Rabbit

I'm undergoing therapy.

Of the retail kind.

So I let myself buy this!

Then I came across an album I never knew Olivia had.
She even made "Sometimes When We Touch" sound good. :P

And then what made me even happier was finding this gem!!

Okei I know I should do a mirror image of this pic, but ANYWAY, it says THE VELVETEEN RABBIT!
Narrated by Meryl Streep and accompanied on piano by George Winston!
I am listening to it now, and it is good!
Feels just like a kiss from heaven. :)

p.s. My colleague's playing Sound of Music in the Aquarium now, so it's a happy place inside and outside of me. :P