Monday, December 31, 2007

I'll see ya next year!

I'm off to Hong Kong tomorrow for a whole week of fun!! :)

Am finishing some work now, then I have 2 hours to fit in the most restful sleep ever before I head for the airport. 


Seeing that I'll be counting down in Hong Kong, here's my last post for this year.

What I Have Learnt This Year, or Am Willing To Admit: 
1. No one is perfect. Or even near it. If I'm not at the bottom of the rung, I'm somewhere very near it. 
2. I really enjoy wrapping gifts. And wrapping paper and all the embellishments.
3. All it takes is a small but consistently wholehearted thought to get my life direction snowballing in the direction I want it to. 
4. I have a crush on Sammul Chan. :P
5. It takes a lot of stamina to have a kid and keep up with him. A lot of stamina. 
6. If you want people to feel comfortable around you, it's important to love yourself so u feel comfortable around you first.
7. I am such a sucker for packaging.
8. My uncles and aunties are really generous towards my family.
9. Somewhere and somehow from someone, I learnt to fear loneliness this year. 
10. I learnt to overcome the fear of loneliness this year. 
11. I am a repressed shopaholic. 
12. I am sooooo into bags. Way more than I am into clothes, or shoes. I want a Bag Room in future.
13. I am more Calvin & Hobbes and vintage Mickey Mouse than Hello Kitty and all the other girlish cute things which make me go eeks.
14. I have a crush on Inuyasha. Still.
15. I need to enlarge my capacity. In all areas.

Happy New Year!


Thursday, December 27, 2007

my prayer for you

Dear you,

Seven days before 2007 ends, I made a Christmas prayer for you.

That you will have a good start to 2008.
That you will be able to sleep well.
That good memories will wipe out the bad ones that plague you.
That you'll walk out of the shadow of your own past and have enough of living with fear.
That you will cherish what you have now before regret hits you to your core.
That you will find reconciliation when the time comes.

Most of all, that the hope of God will live strong in your heart.
And you will realise that it's not about you and what you've done, but about the saving grace of God.

And to you,

When you finally know the truth one day, it will have ceased to matter anymore. :)
And in a way, that's kinda a nice thought.

Finally, dear You,

For holding out and withholding Your hand at the right times.
For bringing some people closer to me, and holding back others.
For teaching me about love and selfishness.
For reconciliation and a second chance everytime.
For fanning my hope.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007


51,904 people turned up to celebrate Christmas!
W356 had a breakthrough attendance of 34!
Woo hoo!!

Oh yes, and ... HAPPY 60th BERFDAE, DADDY.
AND AND AND, he let Ah Ma and us all PRAY for him over his berfdae cake today!
Not just that, he listened and asked Ah Ma why didn't she pray for the rest of us too.
She did, but his listening comprehension is down by 50% now, so he prob didn't get it. 
Oh, hope ignites the soul afresh! :)

Am looking forward to:
1. My thanksgiving CGM at KBox tomorrow
2. My trip to HK for NY countdown
3. Next flea market in Jan
4. Visiting Benji
5. Packing my room (ooh, it's sooooo cathartic ... haha) 
6. Consolidating my wardrobe
7. Visiting the beach, and
8. Catching a good movie

... now that the office is closed for 2 weeks. :)

On a more macro note, am also looking forward to moving on, or better yet, speeding on. 
It's gonna be good!

I had some really happy presents this year too!
Maybe cos i chose them myself ... haha ... 
My family is getting progressive, now Ah Ma simply reimburses us for what we spent on our own presents, and Mum's following in her footsteps.

I'm gonna go catch up on a little bit of sleep for now.
Shoulders and back aching from wrapping gifts ever since I touched down Expo, but I made money and I had fun! :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


What a crazy Christmas it's been!

This whole week's been filled with work and days at Expo running my Christmas Bazaar stall, meeting the cg frens, and doing my own Christmas shopping.

I think people had the Christmas eve panic at the Bazaar today.
My gift wrapping service came into its fame time, a definite pick up from the past 2 days!
In fact, I literally spent the whole of today wrapping and before I knew it, it was 11:30pm and the Bazaar was closing. :)

Then it was zooming to countdown at Yah Lan's and now I'm back at home editing for work.
In another 3 hours, I'll be getting ready to head for Expo again to meet Cherrie's frens and set up stall again.

In my head, I should be tired, but I'm having so much fun!
And, don't wait for 2008 to have a good year.
Your 2007 can still turnaround in the next 6 days. :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

see anything you like?

Fancy any of the wrapping here?
Ho-ho-ho down to the Christmas Bazaar Flea Market with your gifts and I'll wrap them up for you!

Singapore Expo Hall 6

Dates and Timings
Dec 22: 2-10pm
Dec 23: 11am-6pm

Dec 24: 5-11pm

Dec 25: 11am-5pm

Stall no
To be advised

You only pay for the wraps and ribbons that you pick.
The wrapping is free!

Merry Christmas to one and all!

Friday, December 14, 2007

lost and found and a berfdae celeb

The Olympus was hiding in Jon's wardrobe all this while.

We celebrated Mum's berfdae tonite, getting our hands messy over DIY popiah ... Haha. 
She was craving for it too. 

Here's a pic of the flowers we sent in the afternoon to entertain her ... because which gal doesn't like receiving surprises in the office?! 

something sweet

I came across this in another blog and tot this was lovely.
I didn't edit it ... and it may just read like another love story.
But it's all in the punch line. 
This guy is a gem to know the power of creating a memory for down times.

It was just another day for her…or so she thought.

But he had other plans…
Plans that she did not have an inkling of.

He came to her place for dinner. 
She was in tee shirt and shorts,
her hair was in a mess,
and she wasn’t at her best.

After dinner,
he told her things that would have made her heart fly.

He said he has accepted her for all that she was, spots and all,
and wanted to take care of her for life.

But, she thought it was a joke.

She poked Fat Bunny at his face and laughed it off,
“Ya Ya Ya, where’s the ring?”

She didn’t expect anything at all.

If she had been more observant, maybe she would have noticed that
his sleeves were enormous that day.

Because, he definitely had something up his sleeves.
Yet, she was too blur to notice.

He laughed and said, Look downstairs, my friends are there!”

Getting off the couch, she rolled her eyes and walked towards
the window.

Looking down, there indeed was no one.

As she spinned around, saying “Yahhhh righhtt…”,
she almost tumbled unto the ground.
There he was, on his knees…

What caught her eyes next was the tiny wine red box in his hand.

Buried snugly right in the center of the white cushion,
was a little sparkling Diamond ring.

It was Beautiful.

But to her,
what was priceless, was that expression on his face.

He had the most Earnest Look in his eyes,
and his hands trembled as he held the box towards her.

Her heart pounded and she almost teared.

Maybe what she said next, was one of the nicest sounding words he has ever heard.

Later, she asked him, why he had chosen to ask her then.

Having watched too many TV programmes,
she has always imagined herself in a nice restaurant, looking her best,
when he popped the question.

Yet, he told her,
” I wanted to propose to you when you feel the ugliest about yourself.”

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One of my NY resolutions, starting now.

I'm letting my hair grow long again. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Counting my blessings...

Simple pleasures

It's nice to...
1. Feel warm and snug in my pyjamas on a raining-throughout day such as this.
2. Open the fridge and realize there's still a string of Yakult in it with my fave flavour--natural.
3. Come home to a letter in the letter box (even 'tho that stopped happening ages ago, since icq and msn came on the pic ... haha ... but there's always something about a handwritten letter.)
4. Share moments of wavelength-alignment with your dad/mum.
5. Not have to explain your decisions or comments.
6. Receive an sms from people who are so sweet to remember the date of my dad's results and take note to ask me how it went. 
7. Be given a surprise gift when you are down or upset. 
8. Be given a surprise gift anytime for no reason! Hahaha.
9. Know Benji recognises me.
10. Take a walk on a cool day.
11. Travel alone.
12. Drop into bed and fall asleep immediately. 
13. Know all's well with you and others.
14. Stumble across a good book. 
15. Work on something with your hands.
16. Dream.
17. Browse through catalogs.
18. Travel light. Everyday.
19. Successfully cut down on fast food and Coke.
20. Know what you are good at, and you like it too. 
21. Find a food place like Yokoyama's, where the food is so good it makes you happy. 
22. Come across a good bargain on something you've been wanting.
23. Plan for holidays.
24. See your savings grow and know you can't withdraw them.
25. Laugh heartily and have difficulty stopping.
26. Have a big wardrobe.
27. Clear your room of clutter.
28. Know the universe is collaborating for my success.
29. Have 24-hr bookstores in the world.
30. Generate income.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Needed: A Photographic Memory

My family camera is missing!!!

Where oh where has the Olympus gone to?!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jakarta pictorial

I've uploaded the Jakarta wedding pics! 
Check them out on my Facebook. :)

Will try and find some time to repeat the ordeal with the HK photos. :P

Saturday, December 1, 2007

wedding party

I'm on Indonesian soil for the first time in my life!
Jakarta feels like a more courteous version of Malaysia. :P
My tots for now: The traffic jams are HORRENDOUS and the food is SPLENDICIOUS.