Thursday, May 14, 2009


Recently I've been having recurring bouts of a strange feeling within.
It's hard to describe ... but it's kinda like a sudden longing for and need for something badly.

The first time I experienced it was in Primary 5 when I went away to camp with the Brownies.
I laid on the upper level of the bunk bed, trying to sleep.
And all the while, this feeling was making me oh-so-uncomfortable.
I didn't analyse it too much, and in view of the circumstances, I simply labelled it "homesickness" and then cried myself to sleep. :P

2 years ago, it came back once, I think ... when something very upsetting happened, but I can't remember exactly what. 

Then, these few days, it's back again.
And I don't know why ... will prob need a while to figure this one out. :P

But I do know by now that it's probably NOT homesickness. 

rays of sunshine


Asher and Baby G.

Monday, May 4, 2009

TODAY (the money version)

Today I'm leaving credit cards behind
I'm banning cabs
I'll skip my lunch
I'm holding on to all my moolah

I see the rising costs
This month's only just begun

No more buying stuff
I'm tight for this month
Well it's got me here
It's got me
I see my bank account
I'm going nuts
It's got me here
It's got me