Friday, September 30, 2005

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

white n grey follicles

How relaxed is this?!

That's me all sprawled out when I'm watching "Friends" to chill. Haha. :)

That's me studying in the library! Muahahahahaha! Pretty huh?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


My bag of Israel paraphernalia keeps giving me pleading looks. It's been sitting there ever since I got back from The Holy Land last July. :P's supposed to be a scrapbook of memories by now. Oh well, after I finish my assignments....or after I graduate lah....or next year...or...see how lah. Haha!

Speaking of procrastination, I heard a joke abt someone who was praying over another person for deliverance. When she commanded the spirit of procrastination out, it went "Give me 5 more minutes!" Hahaha! What a classic! :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

indy and the leap

For those who have watched the movie, or you have great imagination, you will be able to picture this....

Indy stands in a small opening, just small enough for his shoulders to squeeze through.
Beyond that lies a 100 foot drop to the rocks below.
100 feet across, nothing but a rough, stony cliff wall.
He can see nowhere to cross.
He looks again to the Holy Grail Diary.

"The path of flood. Only in the leap from the lion's head will he prove his worth."

Indy looks around and then he notices that inscribed into the rock above his head is the head of a lion.

"Impossible! Nobody can jump this!"

Indy looks down into the Diary and tortures over what it is asking him to do.

Brody rushes forward and calls to Indy, "Indy... Indy, you must hurry!! Come quickly!"

Indy realises, "It's... a leap of faith. Oh, God."

Henry calls to his son, "You must believe, boy. you must... believe."

We see him do it.
We see him leap into space.
We see that he is in midair.
We see that he is not going to make it.
His hands claw for the opposite wall but he is going to fall 100 feet to his death.

And then—he doesn't!
He appears to be held up by thin air as he lands on his hands and knees.
Indy looks around and down and now he figures it out.

Ingeniously, the First Crusaders have painted a pathway to align with the rocks 100 feet below. It is a perfect forced perspective image of the rocks below with lines from a hundred feet continuing six feet below his sight line where his feet are stepping.
It's painted to blend in with the rocks below.
Highly evolved camouflage... in perfect alignment with everything we see below.
When Indy leans out to the left or right... that's when he sees the perfect alignment shift that betrays the trick.
Indy throws some dirt on the bridge and he crosses it like the first Crusader from the painting over Henry's de

~Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade~

Yes, sometimes it takes an alignment shift to see God's path in our lives.
The devil may paint a highly evolved camouflage on our faith walk.
But throughout eternity, God tells us to trust Him, and jump.

No guts, no glory.

Leap and the road will appear under your feet.

Monday, September 26, 2005

cheena brand

Now that Spring has finally deigned to arrive in Melbourne, I see the emergence of lotsa jackets that just look so ooh-la-la Chinese! I like! The stylish versions of the imperial print and frog buttons kind?? But sigh...only non-Chinese can carry them off, whilst I'll just look like a waitress in a Chinese restaurant. And this goes for all other Cheena stuff too - chinese looking bags, pouches etc! Seriously, the Chinese print is really beautiful. Snort. :P At all other times, I appreciate looking like the pure Chinese (yah I look like Mulan, the cartoon version) that I am, but only when it comes to this! Maybe I can carry off other ethnic dressing? Heh heh. :P

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Milking it.

Hey Lisa Ono is gonna hold a concert in Singapore on the 6 Nov!
Too bad I won't be back then. I kinda like her singing.
Then again, it's gonna be at Singapore Expo Hall 1... Wonder if the acoustics there are good. Man, there's stuff in Singapore that I would have lurfed to attend!
Some skydiving event, Snow Wolf Lake, Quidam, Rent...and I just missed the Korean Film Festival. If they got Cho Seung Woo to fly in, I don't wanna know.

Woo hoo, another 1.5 more months and I'll be done with school!!
Another 3 months and I'll be leaving Melbourne!
I better milk it for all it's worth, cos I know I'll miss :
- the cheapo joy of coming across any shop that sells a whole meal for $5 or less.
- mugging at the library with frens, and actually accomplishing work.
- having frens over for dinner, because I'm cooking, and then regretting it, cos my cooking ain't too fab.
- winding up on the comfy sofa bed watching episode after unstoppable episode of Friends.
- the comfy sofa bed.
- the "I-cannot-make-up-my-mind" Melbourne weather.
- adding to my dvd collection.
- my Boba passionfruit green tea with pearls.
- Vic Mkt's bratwurst.
- the sight of a park in the middle of nowhere and everywhere.
- Kuai Le Zhan, my apartment right smack in the Italian happening area.