Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I can't wait to go and sleep now, but I am so driven by curiosity as to how this blog is gonna look, that i just have to put something up first!
Come to think of it, who is actually going to read this?!
The blogging world is already flooded with ppl who consistently go on everyday and tell the world about their cat's furball, or complain abt the ppl that make up their world.... I wonder, do they secretly hope the complainees read and disappear from their lives, crying in shame, or do they honestly believe their tots are safe from the prying public? Or maybe they just honestly dun care lah.

By the way, I realised that I am sooooo falling for Wang Lee Hom's songs. He can make almost any genre work...however, this has not discounted Jay Chou and David Tao and Mayday from my list of favourites. And I lurf how he's born and grew up overseas, but is not ashamed of his roots. Of course, it helps that he's good-looking. What, you think I'm just a deep connoisseur of music, who'll overlook the physical for the deep reaches of the musically talented? Don't live in denial.....Looks can get you places. Staying there is another matter altogether.

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