Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Milking it.

Hey Lisa Ono is gonna hold a concert in Singapore on the 6 Nov!
Too bad I won't be back then. I kinda like her singing.
Then again, it's gonna be at Singapore Expo Hall 1... Wonder if the acoustics there are good. Man, there's stuff in Singapore that I would have lurfed to attend!
Some skydiving event, Snow Wolf Lake, Quidam, Rent...and I just missed the Korean Film Festival. If they got Cho Seung Woo to fly in, I don't wanna know.

Woo hoo, another 1.5 more months and I'll be done with school!!
Another 3 months and I'll be leaving Melbourne!
I better milk it for all it's worth, cos I know I'll miss :
- the cheapo joy of coming across any shop that sells a whole meal for $5 or less.
- mugging at the library with frens, and actually accomplishing work.
- having frens over for dinner, because I'm cooking, and then regretting it, cos my cooking ain't too fab.
- winding up on the comfy sofa bed watching episode after unstoppable episode of Friends.
- the comfy sofa bed.
- the "I-cannot-make-up-my-mind" Melbourne weather.
- adding to my dvd collection.
- my Boba passionfruit green tea with pearls.
- Vic Mkt's bratwurst.
- the sight of a park in the middle of nowhere and everywhere.
- Kuai Le Zhan, my apartment right smack in the Italian happening area.

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