Wednesday, March 22, 2006

name my ibook

I really should give my iBook a name.
I mean, I'm facing it most of my waking hours.
And it serves me oh-so-well for, music, dvds, surfing, msn-ing etc.
If it were human, it'd be my best fren by now, if not my husband.
So, the least I can do is accord it the benefit of a name right.
Any ideas?

Anyway, at work today, I was feeling the strain of facing technology for most of 8 hours, and so I decided to go for a walk.
Didn't go far....after strolling around with Sharmaine, I then found myself alone in Carrefour looking for inconsequential snacks (i.e. snacks that will not result in weight gain).
Then I realised I haven't really gone grocery shopping since I came back in Dec, and I actually miss it! Haha....

Walking down the aisles, I kinda went into "Friday-is-Marketing-Day-in-Melbourne" mode and started thinking:
"Hm...should I buy some tsuyu to make cha soba?"
"How come no plum sauce?! I wanna cook yummy chicken wings..."
"Yay! Tung-I instant noodles....getting sick of CQYD...."
"Really should stock up on some canned food, to tide over the end of the month."

And then guess what, I realised I missed cooking too!
I can hear all the guffaws of Housemates Past ringing in my head at the mention of this:
"Yah right!! Cooking or burning?!"

Sigh, I can't blame them.
Louis actually has incriminating evidence of me setting food and the kitchen etc. on fire.
Come to think of it, the one time I attempted "tang yuen" in peanut soup, I left the pot on the lighted stove the whole night, and I woke up at 6am to a smoky house and a charred pot.
Yes, I can be a hazardous housemate when it comes to cooking. :P
But it doesn't mean I cannot enjoy cooking! Haha...
i just have to be more careful and not multi-task too much.

So, anyway, I determined that I should find some time to cook some dishes here and there.
Maybe for Sunday dinners with my family. :)
Tell me if you have interesting recipes to share!

Okei, I think I am starting to ramble...cos I am I'd better head off to bed.

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