Tuesday, May 9, 2006

of bings and paos and xiangs

There is a lull in my blogging world.
Which means, I'm out of time/things to post ... :P

Btw, congrats PAP for winning the elections.

Oh wait!
I do have something to say ... Mum bought Dad a most lovely wooden Chinese Chess set, and he's been getting us to play with him.
Dad says I'm not bad for a beginner ... yay!
Even though I am always 54 steps slower in my strategising, but at least I won't go senile when I grow old! Haha!!

Gosh, it's really not easy to command an army. :P
Must know how to defend and attack and anticipate your enemy's moves.
Which makes me wonder ... why do men make the best generals when they are not known to be good at multi-tasking?

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