Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I am in Taiwan!

Thanks to work, I am finally in the city of ooh la la shopping and yummilicious food so plentiful u'll sprain yr neck trying to keep track of everyone of them!
Okei okei, that was lame.
But I can be excused because I am tired. Haha.

I am taking a break while waiting for Amy to settle fonts on her powerbook.
(Which reminds me, I want a MACBOOK!!! :P)
I imagine all the Mac users yelling "YEH GO FOR IT, SISTA!" until I ask...
Who wants to buy me one?? *sweet smile*
Hee hee.

Okei okei, I'm going back to kaypoh on poor stressed Amy.


Anonymous said...

i want a macbook too! my big boss just bought it & it's oh so cool & fun...

Sharon Chew's blog said...

huh.........she really has the nicest gadgets one leh.....!!