Friday, October 13, 2006

just 'cos it's nice to dream....

I've been thinking about money.

More specifically, I've been thinking....
If I had a billion bucks, this is how i would lurf to squander it!

1. Invest in Canada and "buy" my family PR status there
- No, i'm not all that interested myself, but I know my parents would lurf to settle down there.

2. Build a stadium in the marketplace
- For the marketplace, and to penetrate the marketplace. :)

3. Buy myself a wakeboarding boat
- And for days when I am not so keen to ache the day after, I'll enjoy just speeding along in Singapore's waters

4. Pay for my family to go on a holiday every year, and everyone gets unlimited spending money
- To places like Alaska, Seychelles, New Zealand, Switzerland, Europe

5. Buy a penthouse
- And it's gotta have a pool! And a fantastic private cinema!

6. Buy good Christmas gifts for people I value and lurf
- The kind that will make the recipients go into a daze and forget to breath for 5 seconds

7. Upgrade to a Macbook
- And every other accessory I can own along with it

8. Go shopping
- Unrestrained

9. Get my granny a posh car and her own chauffeur
- So she doesn't have to put up with bus drivers who insist on stopping so far from the kerb that passengers with aching joints have to leap off the precarious high step, while hoping with all their hearts that the bus doesn't move off

10. Start up a business for my dad and mum to run
- And while I'm at it, might as well get dad a Merc to drive himself and mum around

Yep, that should about take care of a billion bucks. :)

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