Monday, November 27, 2006

A piece of "Gao-Gao-Ah-Ma"

Dad says they are gonna publish a book of memoirs that my late granny wrote.
He even wrote a foreward for it, which he read to me, and I thought it was really good.
But apparently, the book's only for family members and friends, because it's meant as a thank you to acknowledge all the people who have helped her and the family over the years.

I asked why don't we publish it large-scale and promote it to schools so they can use it as a literature text?
After all, granny used to be a Chinese teacher and principal, so I'm sure her writing is ichiban, even though I've yet to read it.
He says they'll see how it goes.

And then he said they are thinking of translating it into English.
I quickly jumped at the chance and said, "I can do it!!"
And truth be told, I am really excited at the thought of it.

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ling kai said...

wa ... got family book siah ... so cool, some more, may be translating ...