Saturday, December 2, 2006

ancient of days

Oh man, was my granddad a Leslie Cheung or what...?!
I heard he was really popular back then, and with a face like that...I'm not surprised.

But what really got me was when Wan Ee pointed out that I really looked like my grandma!
No, this not the one who stays with me and took care of me growing up ...
This is my dad's mum, who has already passed on.
Yes, the one whose memoirs we are printing.

But gosh, I never realised it ... she's a Mulan too!


Gloria Wong said...

heyhey! just wondering if your family have heirloom(nt sure if its spelt like tat =p) that is passed down from generation?

Sharon Chew's blog said...

Shan, don't have would be cool hor??

Gloria Wong said...

haha. yea, it will be cool! i'm doing a short segment on family heirloom. so looking for ppl that have heirloom. If got interesting stuff, mediacorp might want to air it! so cool! =p if u know anyone that have let me know k! =) tks !!

Anonymous said...

well, the mulan face is really a heirloom itself.. =]

Sharon Chew's blog said... really is, mel! :)