Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Oh sunny isle of Singapore...
Back where public transport is so awesome that I don't NEED a car to get anywhere. Haha.

Am back to work!
Yeh, Chinese Harvest Times has been calling my name, but I'm finally back.

Then am off to Bangkok Jan 14-18, and Taiwan Jan 19-25.
Woo hoo, I'm enjoying all this flying around!

Oh yes, photos of Canada yah?
Yah, I know....I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to posting pics, but they take so long to upload!!!
I'd rather be reading my books or doing something on the move like cycling or chilling at the beach or...packing my room. Hahaha.
The boudoir is starting to resemble what it really means in French - a "sulking place" :P

Okei okei, soon soon.

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Anonymous said...

Determined to make your day shine...

Hey!!!!!!!! Welcome back!!!!!!! =]