Sunday, March 4, 2007

my fortnight in picture form...

I like how this shot came out! Doesn't Father Nic look happy with all those wings and potato skins? I'm asking you, HOW not to put on weight in Taiwan?! Sigh.

While Kai and Nic were chugging it ...

... I couldn't resist a shot with Amy.

Me and the handsome boy! Even tho he refused to smile at the camera, he's still cute cos we caught him mid-manja. :)

The cactus the zone guys gave for V-day FLOWERED! How pretty. :)

Me and Na with Eh-driel's and Xueling's little boy-Asher.
I still can't believe Eh-driel's a DAD!!
Gosh, that makes him a grown-up... Hahaha. :P

My cell group (plus Wee Tat's forehead, seemingly) celebrating Pris and Krystal's berfdaes at our special room in Fish & Co. :P

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