Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lost Custody

This blog is missing a lot.
For starters, it's missing a dog called Benji, who joined my family when he was only 2 months old.

Yup, that's him ... at 4 months of age.
I got him for my berfdae thanks to 2 great friends Caroline and Amos.
He no longer lives with me though.
Recently, his shedding fur got too much for my dad's nose, made very sensitive by his chemotherapy medication.
So Benji now lives with Carol and Amos, where I hear he's terrorizing the entire household, including their dachschund-maltese, Phoebe.

I miss him heaps though.
For all his impishness, nothing beats having him welcome you home after a long day or loyally sticking close to you, especially when you're miserable.
And when it comes to having fun, his capacity for playing has no limits.
He'd be panting up a storm but he'll still run circles around you or tenaciously cling onto the tug-o-war rope.

For seconds, I've got braces now.
My front teeth are sooooo sensitive and I feel like I am wearing one of those fake teeth things.
But in 1.5 years, I'll have straight teeth! :)

It's been so long since I updated this blog that I don't think many people are reading anymore.
Hahaha ... such is life.
But for those of you who are still here, hi and thanks!


geraff said...

hey da-jie, benji's so cute! and he looks like you! is he a c.spaniel?

Sharon Chew's blog said...

Yes, he's a cocker spaniel!
Yah lor, I donno why but my frens say he looks like me too, esp. when he's looking poor thing. Aiyoh....