Friday, August 17, 2007

What's more touching than a man who loves?

This is a report in Taiwan newspaper Liberty Times on how there are rumours going around that Sun's marriage is undergoing "changes." She laughed them all off, but commented that perhaps only the airline stewards and stewardesses know the depth of her relationship with Ps. Kong.

Now this is the part that I like:

Sun was preparing to return to Singapore on the evening flight, and lo and behold, Ps. Kong turned up in Beijing in the afternoon to fetch the mother-and-son duo back to Singapore. Sun's manager could not fathom why would he go to all the trouble of taking the 7-hr flight, but it turns out that Ps. Kong was due to take off for a conference in Sweden right after Sun and Dayan touch down, and so he opted to spend the 7 hours with his beloved wife and son on the plane.

Now that's passion and commitment.

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