Sunday, September 9, 2007

putting things in their rightful places

Despite my protests, my dad got a new wardrobe made for my room.
It's got 4-doors and runs from ceiling to floor.
Now I can put all (okei, most of) my stuff behind closed doors.

So, despite my protests, I am happy with my new storage space. :)

And my mum bought me a nice new glass-top L-shaped desk as my belated berfdae present.
I lurf huge desks, cos I NEED space to work happily.
Plus, I've got a businessman's chair to go with it.

And my aunt passed me her electronic keyboard.
Now for a few minutes everyday, I can pretend to be Jay Chou in Secret.

I need to spend the whole of tomorrow clearing my bookshelf stuff off my bro's spare bed. :P

Hot chocolate is yummy but it's putting me to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

So good to have a Hot Coco.