Monday, November 26, 2007

my bed is calling out to me...

One fine day, Mum said "Wanna take a table at the Blk 5 Flea Market? I've got stuff I wanna sell."
Remembering we made a tidy profit the last time we set up a booth at Clarke Quay flea market, I said "Sure!! Let's do it again!"

Yesterday, we started tagging all my stuff and it was only when we were almost done that I looked at Mum and went "Where's all YOUR stuff?"
She said "Nehhhhh....." and pointed to 1 handphone pouch, 2 coasters, and 3 magnets.

I asked, "So.....we're counting on my dolphin collection and stuff to cover the $15 rent?"
"Hee hee," Mum replied.

Good thing my collection of chapalang rose to the occasion.

Although it was a neighbourhood thing and there were only SEVEN tables, so we weren't expecting much ... But I really think our table had the most business.
Considering a total of about 20 people came by the booth, think we made a not-bad profit.
It's always fun meeting the different kinds of customers and making new friends with the neighbouring stall owners.

Then I zoomed over to Victoria Theatre to watch the first-ever children's musical "When I Grow Up."
(Wow, haven't been to VT for the longest time. Am I just used to huge halls now or did the VT audi look terribly small?!)

To all the kids for their great performance. The musical was very upbeat and happy and an overall fantastic job!

To Jae for the script! Like I said, u did an amazing job crossing over from adult script to kid script, man.

Here's a pic of 2 precious gals in my cg, and their very wise mum.
Bernice is hugging her mum and Krystal is displaying her aptitude for photogenic-ity.
Right after this pic was taken, we settled down to an absolutely yummy and fattening dinner to celebrate Bernice's part in the musical. :P

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