Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We were supposed to go wakeboarding yesterday.
Yah ... Mum and me and Ah Ee and Uncle and Rachel and Rebekah plus JX.
Cos Uncle Robert is migrating to Canada just before Christmas.
So we tot we'd squeeze in one more session before he leaves.

Change of plans.
We headed for Tekka Mall (yes...Little India) instead to go shopping for Christmas trees and ornaments.

Here's the view from the carpark.

I didn't get a pic of all the trees lined along the 6th level, a'waiting to be taken home.
But we had loads of fun posing with the ornaments. :P
We chose most happily... and all I can say is ... it's not cheap to buy a tree and all its dingly-dangly things!

After a yummy dinner at Golden Mile Complex, we headed home to put up the tree.
Alvin and Angel stopped by with Caleigh to add to the joy and cheer. 
Thanks to Alvin and his engineering mind, our tree doesn't look chopped in half when the lights are on cos he taught us to alternate our 2 strings of lights.
And of course, Ah Ee added her magic decorative touch to the whole mini-project throughout. :)

We had fun. :)
JX left for his basketball game just as we were putting up the tree, so he was hit with the ooh-lala-ness of the finished product when he came back after the game.
I'm soooooooo proud of it, but you've gotta see it 'live to be wowed cos these 2 pics don't do justice to the yumminess of the ribbons and ornaments. :)

I'm biased, but I think it looks as good as what you see in departmental store showcase windows. :P

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