Thursday, May 14, 2009


Recently I've been having recurring bouts of a strange feeling within.
It's hard to describe ... but it's kinda like a sudden longing for and need for something badly.

The first time I experienced it was in Primary 5 when I went away to camp with the Brownies.
I laid on the upper level of the bunk bed, trying to sleep.
And all the while, this feeling was making me oh-so-uncomfortable.
I didn't analyse it too much, and in view of the circumstances, I simply labelled it "homesickness" and then cried myself to sleep. :P

2 years ago, it came back once, I think ... when something very upsetting happened, but I can't remember exactly what. 

Then, these few days, it's back again.
And I don't know why ... will prob need a while to figure this one out. :P

But I do know by now that it's probably NOT homesickness. 

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tessa said...

hey sharon!

it's tessa, finally got a blogger acct. haha. linked you :) oh yeah, in response to your comment on my status.. yeah i had realllllly insanely painful cramps yesterday -.- so suay.. but it's okay, last week of school, and PROM is next weeek :D & then my commencement ceremony!