Saturday, September 19, 2009

Countdown: 2 days away!

It's 2 days away!

We had our rehearsal last night, amidst one of the worst jams in Singapore ever!!
Pastor got caught for 2 hours on AYE, PIE etc etc.
Till now, we have no idea why ... but we suspect it's because everyone's going to Malaysia for the long weekend.

I'm packing my luggage for the actual day, tying down seating arrangements, and trying to clear up my table! :P

Oh btw, I am very happy over our march in!! Can't wait...:)

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Nat said...

I'm sooooo gonna miss the march in :( amidst your busy schedule on that day, do try to take 1 second to remember your "invisible" malaysian friend among the crowd becos' on this coming Monday, my mind will focus only on one thing, the glow in your face as you march in, being the happiest woman on the planet! :)