Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cheers to CY! :)

Not many people know this but I'm still giving English tuition to one Sec 2 boy.
Today he sms-ed me, "OMG!! My English mark is highest in class with 65% :) I'm so happy :-D"
And he thought he would fail.

When I first started teaching him, I asked what grade he was aiming for.
His answer: I just want to pass.
Experience had taught him that it would be futile to hope for more.
But we raised the bar, a little at a time, and eventually he managed to climb from his perennial D to a C ... and then finally and incredulously for him, the B came into sight.

65% is not a lot to us Singaporean kiasus.
But to a boy who is hoping to be promoted to the Express stream next year, it is massive.
And to a boy who only dreamt before of passing, being first in class for English puts him right on top of the world.


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