Friday, November 11, 2005

I went fishing at Freeze-ston last night!
Howard and I were in Louis' Nixim.
Chester and Amanda were in Darren's SinGapore Girl.
Haha...what a fun night.
The sky was really clear at first ... and the stars were out in full display.
But I still didn't get to see any shooting stars ... When oh when ....

So I tried my hand at casting a line.
First one went far right and landed with a "kathunk" on the docking platform.
Second one reeled in Darren's fishing line on my right.
Third one went "Whee ...... Plop" right in front of me.
Haha ..... is there no end to boo-boos?!
Anyway, I reckon they make my life interesting.
Imagine my grandkids laughing at my stories and boo-boo pictures! :P

Anyway, we caught nothing but "sea maggots" man .... or whatever they are called.
Howard saw his prawn bait moving and freaked us all out.
Turns out these maggotty things latch onto and eat the bait.
Then when they are pulled out of the water, they start squirming away in all directions.
And yet, I couldn't take my eyes away from them.
There's something fascinating about the disgusting somehow. :P

Managed to catch the sunrise, cos we were there till abt 7am.
Except, the clouds had overtaken the stars by then, so all we could see of the sunrise was some 40V lighting behind the huge, billowing clouds.
No burst of blinding rays.
No creeping of sunny-side-up.
Instead, a panoramic view of clouds rolling over each other in muted lighting, with pink streaks.
It's lovely to stand in one spot and turn 360 degrees to try and capture just how vast God created the sky to be.

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