Friday, November 11, 2005

Some super-duper transient stuff I wanna do in my lifetime

1. Sky-diving.
2. See a meteor shower (or at least one shooting star!).
3. Storm-chasing in Tornado Alley, Oklahoma, USA.
4. Watch a play on Broadway.
5. Visit Alaska....see whales and polar bears! Woo hoo!
6. Buy my dad a Mercedes cabriolet.
7. Teach my kids to lurf fireworks.
8. Learn to dance.
9. Visit Hawai'i again.


Anonymous said...

1. sky diving - i'll be behind you all the way. but not behind you on the plane. just behind you all..... the..way... in ...the ..far..distance..

2. try the outback of Australia or jus any place without so many street lights.. get it done before you return to Sg er.. Sg is too bright for such things. Sometimes i wonder if a meteor really lands in our midst, if we can see it? Sg is so bright!

3. i'm way behind you on this too.. hahaha

4. yes amen! i want to watch a Broadway play too!! let's go before Alaska?

5. YEs yes!! i would so lurf to rub noses with the polar bears and walk with the penguins... those cute little things..

6. Waaa....

7. You and our fren of the B has this unique knack for loving fireworks.... beats me out of my pits.. hahaha

8. it's never too late to start something new!

9. I would love to visit Australia one last time before YOU come back... :) maybe do the Grampians thing with you. You would have died from laughter if there ever was a video on the 3 of us making the trip up! i was annoyed at B half the time, R was navigating so 2 busy to chap us and half the time B was trying to assure us gals he knows wat he's doing.. hahahaha wat a trip.. the destination was worth the journey .. and the journey gave us great memories to bring back!

xodus said...

hey woah more the merrier yeah these are those I can accomplish with you. 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9.