Saturday, January 14, 2006

chapalang pics

A grad pic for the record! :)
Make-up credits go to Sis Wei Wei.

My farewell pic with RMIT.

Having a fish n' chips feast at Lorne.
Darren and his mum joined us too for the Great Ocean Road experience.

Mum's berfdae at Cafe Greco, Crown.

Cute Granny tribute 1 - check her out looking all red riding hood in my ski jacket!

Cute Granny Tribute 2 : check her out looking so minute next to mr-tall!

Cute Granny tribute 3 : check her out eating THAT portion!


Anonymous said...

you look like a boy-boy in your farewell pic with RMIT er... hahahaha what happened to your long hair!?

xodus said...

Hey finally got to see the graduation pictures! Finally done and moving on but never forget the melbourne lifestyle okie!
Come visit when you're free! haha!~

GraCie said...

ahahaha Your granny looks so cute in the red jacket! :P