Friday, January 13, 2006


My body is trying to tell me something.
I've been waking up at the weirdest hours for the past few days.
And when I do sleep, I get infiltrated by the most bizarre dreams.
I think there are too many thoughts crammed into my brain, and they are all fighting for prominence the moment I open my eyes.
Which is weird...'cos I am on holiday!
For once, I am in the right mode at the right time.
I'm starting work next Tues, so I've been enjoying myself ever since I finished my last semester.

Okei, so here's what I've been up to.

I went wakeboarding again. :)
It's really starting to grow on me.
If only it wasn't such an expensive sport. :P
Anyway, we wakeboarded in the rain this time...

It's been raining donkeys and elephants since January started.
But it's cool Val got to go too, this time.
Next time up - Mark, Rose, Jae, Bry okei? :)

I'm buying an iBook tomorrow. Woo hoo!!
No more 3kg Compaq monster for me.

Taxi marathon!
The original is really way way better than the Queen Latifah one.
Luc Besson is a genius.
One marathon down, the LOTR one to go.
And I need a feel-good show....
There've been none this season except for the glaring exception of Narnia.
But I've seen that twice and I think I may hit marginal utility if I watch it again.
I watched Elizabethtown, and I actually felt a little disturbed by it.
It made me feel bombarded by so many hidden meanings that I'm not catching.
For what I did catch, I donno what to feel.
How bizarre.

Anyway, I'm putting up long-overdue pics in my next entry. :)

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