Sunday, January 8, 2006

Stops of Jesus

Two days ago, I was in Suntec making my way down to meet Val at her workplace.
Being kinda a one-track mind, I walked right past a girl I knew from church, without even noticing her.
She called my name and waved "hi".
Figuring I had a little time, I stopped to ask how she was doing.
She was her usual chirpy self, and I was expecting some giggly updates.
To my surprise, she started to share about some really personal problems.
Stuff that really shocked me to the core.
(No, of course I'm not gonna say what here. Anyway, she'd already spoken to her leader so I know everything is being taken care of.)
But this was right in front of Watson's where the crowds were teeming....mind you....which gave me an idea of how much she really needed to talk it out.
She started to get more affected as she shared, and eventually we sat down somewhere so she could continue.
Halfway thru, I wondered if I would be able to leave in time to meet Val....but in the midst of it all, Val called and agreed it'd be better for her to come meet me in Suntec instead.
So that gave me more time to listen the gal out.
It took quite a while, but it was obvious she was a lot more at ease when she left.
She hadn't been able to sleep the night before, so I urged her to go home early and rest....while I continued to wait for Val.

You really never know what u're gonna get when you stop for people sometimes.

Why did I bring this up?
Cos today in church service, Dr. Joyce Meyer said this,

"As Christians, we always want to follow the footsteps of Jesus.
But maybe we should study the stops of Jesus."

A statement that cast its hook on my mind.
Jesus was the Son of God with a huge mission at hand.
But He always stopped to help the "little" people along the way.
How often do we rush past someone 'cos we are so busy "doing the work of the kingdom"?
I think, as far as God's concerned, people are the work of the kingdom.

I don't think I made a profound impact on the gal's life just by listening that night.
But I am glad that just cos I stopped, I was able to remind her how precious she was to God.

And, I never realised this until Dr. Joyce Meyer pointed it out....but go check it out in John 21.
After Jesus was crucified, went down to hell for 3 days, resurrected and all, the first thing He did was to make breakfast for His disciples.
That sure puts servanthood in a whole new light, doesn't it?

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Anonymous said...

This is a good sure hope that gal is blessed just havin' you to hear her out.

Indeed......we gotta constantly remind ourselves not to be too busy for God or for other people, esp if we are actively involved in ministry.

This year since it is already gonna be a predicted busy year for me........suddenly, time that I am gonna hv with u guys/gals become even more more precious....

Grace grace la.......praying that every moment I can hv with the different people will be fruitful and that I can be a blessing to them =)