Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I do realise I should be posting more pics on my blog, but it's just too bad my camera doesn't seem to wanna stick on my list of "Things to Bring When I Leave My Hotel Room".

Although, I'll try and remember to take some pics later ... because I'm meeting up with Elaine, Sherlyn, Yunjie and Sonia!!!
Can you believe it, I've been in Taipei since June 26 and I haven't met up with Sonia yet?! :P
I forgot to turn on that part of my brain that says, "Sonia lives in Taiwan".

Hm ... you know, if I go downstairs now, I'd be able to have a taste of the breakfast they're serving in this hotel.
Amy and I have been talking about making it for breakfast ever since we arrived, but we've been here for more than 2 weeks (even changed hotels in the midst of it) and it hasn't happened yet, because between 7 to 10am, we're invariably still sleeping. :P
Yes, I am fully nocturnal now, which is BAD.
And "nocturnal" always reminds me of Professor Lupin.

Can someone tell me how to switch my body back to the living-by-day-and-sleeping-by-night mode?
And while you're at it, if you can tell me how to NOT put on weight while I guzzle down the Taiwanese oh-so-many specialties ... ?

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Gloria Wong said...

yes! PLS post MORE photos !! would love to see it !! (i wish i'm over there, partically all my gd friends are over there !!)

oh btw, u can change the time setting in your main "settings". yea. =)