Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A day in the life of a HDB Tai-tai

Ooh ... I didn't even know there were massage pools in Singapore!
Gosh, it was sooooo good to be pummelled by the water jets.
There was the one that's like a jacuzzi.
And the massage bed (in a pool!) where Caro and I just chilled.
And the walking corridor filled with bubble jets (ha, like the printer) etc....
We should have tried the swan necks but I didn't think I was up to it, thanks to the wakeboarding aches.

Then we segued into an afternoon of enjoyable company and mouth-watering food at Shangri-La.
But before I get carried away about the food ... who was there?
Faith the berfdae gal plus Kai Kong and Yah Lan who brought Annya along too.
And of course, we all swooned over the mini-beauty queen with her mesmerising eyes.

Man, I am thinking of the food now.
Couldn't get enough of the salmon.
And they had 101 varieties of tea!
I'm more of a coffee person, but still, variety always impresses, doesn't it? Hahaha.
Plus, the chocolate in the fondue was ooh la la.

Then, ended off my tai-tai day out with the mandatory shopping and movie! :)

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