Friday, October 27, 2006

of geekish days gone by

Dad's gone to Beijing and Jon's still in Canada.
My auntie's family is flying over to Canada tomorrow to settle their PR stuff.
So when Amy couldn't get a seat on today's flight, I considered staying back with her till Monday, but said no eventually because Mum's all alone at home.

Pei Ge (our printer) very kindly woke up so early to drive me to the airport, but *surprise surprise* I overslept!
So when he called at 7am to say that he was downstairs, Amy jumped out of bed, and spoke in such a crisp and awake voice, "Wei Pei Ge! Hao ah, ni gei wo men shi fen zhong..." (Hullo Pei Ge! Okei...give us 10 mins).
Then she hung up the phone and said to me, "Oh no, Sharon, you didn't wake up earlier!" and then as I watched her running around the room wondering what she should start doing first, she went "Okei, don't panic ah!" and then promptly disappeared into the bathroom.
I stared at her very bewildered because she seemed more gan cheong than me and she wasn't going anywhere!
As the bathroom door shut, I realised I hadn't said anything since I woke up, and her "Don't panic ah" made a giggle rise in my throat.
I give her credit, though.
She can always hear the alarms and is able to wake up at any time.
If not for her, they would have to kick down the door in order to get to me, and even then, I'll prob sit up and ask "Who's Pei Ge...."
And she woke up so early just to say bye.
Kinda wished I was still back there. Haha. :P

Anyway, I took almost 20 minutes to get ready and throw the rest of my stuff into my luggage.
Then I said my byes to poor Amy, and flung myself downstairs to meet Pei Ge.
And then we met the peak hour traffic jam, so our conversation was interspersed with comments like "The flight is overbooked today. What if they gave your seat to someone else?" and "I think we'll get there an hour before your flight."
So the 1-hr and 20-mins drive there was a little worrying...

I got to the airport 50 mins before my flight, and when Pei Ge said bye to me, I couldn't help thinking, "What if they dun let me on the flight?! Is he gonna drive all the way back to pick me up? Hm. :P"
Anyway, I went and checked in, and was concentrating so hard on the time that I didn't even respond when the counter stewardess said, "我給了你商務艙的座位。“
Delayed action Shar only realised upon leaving the counter that "I'VE BEEN UPGRADED TO BUSINESS CLASS!"
She must have thought I was one kind of a snob. Haha.
So suaku right, but I've never been upgraded!!
And the seats are big and comfy and lunch comes in courses and dessert was haagen daz okei.

And then and then, when I arrived in Singapore, I was greeted by a whole bunch of people at the arrival hall.
"Gosh, they didn't need to send so many people to come receive me..."
And then I regretted not looking more closely, because after I cleared the customs (Yah, for the first time in my life, I had to put my luggage through the x-ray machine coming out!) and walked out, I realised that the crowd was waiting for ANDY LAU!
Aiyah....I should have waited inside.
Anyway, his flight was not arriving for another 10 more minutes, so I spent 2 seconds debating if I should hang around to be a kaypoh.
Somewhere between the first and second second, my mind was thrown into a flashback of when I was 11 years old.
(Yes, it felt very much like I was in a scene in some drama serial.)

My cousin, brother and I were at the airport waiting for Andy Lau to arrive, and because we were there real early and his flight was delayed, we took the skytrain up and down and played cards to while away time.
We were all geeks lah, so we weren't afraid to be embarassed. :P
Us gals were crazy over him, and my brother was excited to tag along for the excitement of seeing a celebrity in the flesh.
Turns out seven-year-old Jon was instrumental ... because he was the one who scrambled under the barrier belt to stick my autograph book right under Andy Lau's nose and got his signature for me.
And it was the only one he signed during that walk out, so we were all slapping Jon on the back for a job well done, especially me.

Something about that memory touched me immensely, because I realised it spoke a lot about the kind of guy my bro is.
He's not exactly the most aggressive guy alive, so for him to rush to the front for that autograph was out of character.
Jon will not push for what he wants at the expense of someone else, but when it comes to fighting for what someone else wants (especially someone he loves), it's like he has this internal push that finds a way to make it happen.
Yeh, I've got a great brother. :)

Anyway, so did I wait to see Andy Lau arrive?
Can't believe I stumbled on it!
The guards ushered him along the aisle and within 10 secs, he was safe inside his Maxicab, leaving in his wake a crowd of starry-eyed housewives and young ladies.
He's as good looking as ever, and doesn't look a day over 25.
Haha. :)

Sorry no pics, cos my hp camera is eyeball-rolling-cannot-make-it.
I got what I thought was a good shot, but by the time it registered on my hp cam, it turned out a shot of his blurred profile.

But still, what a day!! :)


Gloria Wong said...

Geee .. I jus love reading your entries ! Keep blogging! =)

geraff said...

You were so lucky to be at the right place at the right time! Ha. To think I had to attend the awards ceremony to catch a glimpse of Andy Lau. I have to agree he still looks so great :)