Wednesday, July 25, 2007

just a little more, shar.

My dad's MRI results are coming out tomorrow.

I flared up at the hospital last week, because if they hadn't forgotten to put in his appointment in their computer, he would have gone for the MRI last Mon, and his results would have been out last Wed.
But instead, because of SGH's administrative incompetency, we had to wait another agonizing week.
Tomorrow we will find out for sure if the radiotherapy and chemotherapy has killed the cancerous cells in Dad's brain.

It's not been a good week.
One of the worst, to be honest.

But it's too painful and raw to talk about the other thing here, so I won't.

And besides, if I hold out just a bit more day by day, eventually it's bound to get better, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Don't lose hope. =]

Be strong.

You used to tell me that all the time.

shiyun said...

stay hopeful...

it's gonna be alrite!

Sharon Chew's blog said...

thanks mel and fio. :)

Gloria Wong said...

jia you! Dun worry! =)
Oh and i'm still reading. =)

Sharon Chew's blog said...

hi shan! great to see ya! :)