Wednesday, September 26, 2007

prayer request

Okei, everyone, PRAY PRAY PRAY....

My favourite granny (okei, she's also my only granny now) needs to go for a colonscopy on Friday morning.
She's been having constipation of sorts for about 7-8 months, then suddenly she's having diarrhoea.
Doctor is worried that there may be a growth, or that her intestines are clogged up, so the recommendation to go for a scope.

Am praying that it'll all be clear and because she is already 77, that she will not go through much discomfort through the whole thing.

Thanks ah...


Anonymous said...

God will definitely watch over her, man..

God helped my granny a lot too. =]

I just know it.

Anonymous said...

Trust in Our Healer.

All those who call upon His name shall be heal.

She is going to be alrite.

Tk cr