Wednesday, October 24, 2007

aquarium phenomenon

Occasionally, the fishes gurgle to each other stuff like:
"Let's go for a drink and chill out"
"Let's go cycling!"

About a month or two or three later, we eventually see it coming to pass.
It's not our fault, you understand.
It's all thanks to our varied working hours and commitments.

But here you go, another time WE MADE IT. :)

Then after that, we all adjourned to

to undo all the exercise we had done by guzzling down

And while I took off to meet Mum, the rest stayed on to continue their crime spree by tantalizing their taste buds at lagoon hawker.

Oh, for a bowl of the tastiest fishball noodles with extra vinegar.
It is late at night and I am hungry.
I will not put any pictures of this lest I succumb.

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