Monday, October 8, 2007

just the thought of it...

Thanks y'all for praying for my granny!
The scope came out all clear...and there's no apparent problem.
She's going back for a check up on Tuesday, but it should be all okei!
*big happy grin*

Met up with the trailblazing (okei, the first) Melb gang for lunch today, and it was good and happy as always.
We're planning when to fly over for Lani's wedding in Dec.
Woo hoo ... Weddings are always happy.
Now, I need to start looking for clothes, and accessories, and shoes, and ... more accessories?
Cos apparently, the dressing up at Indo weddings is a BIG DEAL.
But oh, can't wait to catch up with everyone else! :)
And the thought of flying ... anywhere ... is almost always a nice one!

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