Wednesday, November 21, 2007

wishin' and hopin' and prayin' and playin'

Dad's MRI results came out today.
The doc says there's one spot that looks a little worrisome, as it seems that something is extending from the tumor remnants.
It may be the tumor growing, or it may be the shadow of the dying tumor ... can't tell for sure.
So dad's going for a PET scan next week, where they'll inject some colored sugar into his system.
If the tumor's growing, it'll feed on the sugar.
If not, then it'll be all clear.
Even this test might not tell much, cos doc says the tumor is so close to the edge of the brain where it's taking in sugar all around anyway.
But we'll take it anyway, cos the next MRI is at least 2 months later.
And if the PET scan shows that this chemo medication is not working, at least we can start him on a new medicine now.

On a lighter note, Mum and I snuck out to visit Benji after we sent Dad home.
He is huger now, plus he couldn't stop jumping!
And he started licking my face all over.
It's nice that he still recognises us.


Anonymous said...

Hey your dad is going to be fine. Sometimes it takes time. God works His medications His way. =]

I have seen quite a lot of patients. So you can trust the scientist on this one. =] God has His ways.

Sharon Chew's blog said...

Thanks mel. Keeping hope alive. :)