Monday, November 10, 2008

reservoir in the city

Guess what, it takes my family 40 mins to settle down for a dinner!
Guess who kept track. :P

We celebrated Jon's and Uncle Richard's berfdae last night.
You can catch the pics on my facebook.

After dinner, I finally went to check out Marina Barrage!
I like the HUGE grass patch and the concept of it.
It's so fresh JX said he can smell the dung. Haha.
I tot it smelt more like bird food.

The place needs more cafes and chill out spots, basically more air-conditioned spots.
Cos last nite was suuuuuuper hot and humid! 

It made me miss Melbourne's Docklands leh.
Or rather, the tot that I can sit and chill whole day by the waters.
In a temperature that does not entice your pores to open. :P

Sorry Jim and Zhen for going first without u two, but we went to er ... recce the place! 
Hee hee. We'll def go for our picnic okei ...
When the dung settles, it'll be nice to sit on the grass.
Walking over it last night, I was reminded me of when we were in Israel's Bedouin Desert.

Here's a psychedelic pic I like.

But because I know it's photographically sucky, here's another one a kind soul took for us using his tripod.

You know how sometimes, you are so engrossed by what's on tv, you don't realise that where you are standing, you're blocking yr family members?
Then they go, "Oei! You transparent ah?!"

Well, in this photo, I really almost am.

This is such a tourist shot.  Haha. 

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