Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I bought my wedding ring! 
Then I changed my wedding ring! Hahaha. 

We both managed to find our wedding rings last week.
Not only are the rings non-matching, but they are from competitors!
He got his at the Soo Kee warehouse sale, and I got mine at the Lee Hwa warehouse sale.
Why? You may ask.
Because what suits him does not suit me, and vice versa ... 
Besides, we're not too particular.
It's the differences that make up our life. Haha.  
Similarities make life boring. 

Anyway, back to my ring.
Initially, I got a 3-row micro-pave with 61 oh-so-small diamonds making up 0.24 carats.
It looks something like this, but the diamonds only go halfway around.
But it was too big, so I needed to send for alteration.
Before I went to the shop, I was asking Min, "How ah, should I alter??"
She was like, "Shake and see if it comes off lor."
I was super CAREFUL ... 
I put my hand into my bag and shook it violently, so that if the ring does fall off, it would fall into my bag.
Smart right?

But I didn't count on my butterfingers.
And Murphy's Law. 
The ring did come off in my bag, but as I was picking it up to put it back into its box, I dropped it on the floor~
One miniscule diamond fell off.
Take 0.24, divide it by 61 and you'll know exactly how miniscule.

So you can imagine, two babes kneeling on the marbled (MARBLED!) floor of Paragon, trying to find it.
Thank God for Min's very sharp eyes!
She spotted it very quickly and we quickly secured it in the box and took it to the Lee Hwa shop, where we were informed that the diamonds on micro-pave rings have quite a tendency to drop off.
Especially after alteration.
So salesperson Andy suggested, "Why don't you try another design?"
I considered, what are the odds that my diamonds will fall off in future?
The answer floated back immediately, "High lor, considering WHO is wearing the ring."
Sigh. I am well aware of my klutz tendencies.

After trying on quite a few, I narrowed my choices down to two.
Then after much ping-ponging, I finally eliminated the other choice for this!

The other was a single row of Destinee diamonds in a claw setting.
I was tempted to take it up cos even tho they'll cost me the same price to top, the Destinee had a better upgrade value.
But I tot, being old sentimental me, how likely am I to upgrade my wedding ring for something else?!
And I lurfed how thin the Destinee was, but it looked perilous for ole butterfingers too.
I figured that in the long run, it's better to have something that's secure.
At least my diamonds are safe in the channel! Haha. 

It needs to be altered too, cos apparently my fingers are below averagely thin. :P
Then I'll have it engraved once I'm happy with the size. :)


Ed or Edmund Tay said...

Your comments about diamonds falling off is really quite funny :)

Sharon Chew's blog said...

Hahaha....Ed, you should have seen my face when I realised how small the diamond we were looking for was! :P