Monday, April 19, 2010

My early berfdae brunch

JX fulfilled one of the things on my wish-list for my berfdae! :)
I ALWAYS wanted to go for a Sunday brunch with him, but we never had the chance to do so till last Sunday.
It's a leetle early for my berfdae, but our next two Sundays are packed.
Plus, he's recovering from his sprained ankle, so he couldn't play basketball as he always does on Sunday.
So ... here we are at Epicurious for my berfdae treat!
I've been craving for Eggs Benedict ... especially when I remember those we had by the pool on our honeymoon.

As usual, he's VERY focused on his food. :P
His came with sausages and mushrooms and bacon.

I added smoked salmon and bacon to mine.

The place was teeming with ang-mohs.
We ended up sitting at one of the al fresco tables belonging to the restaurant next door, which incidentally was the Jap restaurant he took me to for my berfdae before we got together.
I don't remember the name of it, but the food there was goooooood too.

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