Saturday, November 26, 2005

A tale of a giant spider and a Thai man.


You can't see them but the houseflies are there, zooming around us!
And there are our two tents behind me.
Note the absence of Nixim. :P

I washed my hair in this really cold creek.
Now the people of Horsham have water with Johnson's Baby Shampoo. :P
Louis lost a slipper to the creek, but he got it back after much wading and fighting the current. Haha.

Here's the shadow of a giant spider we saw on one of our rambles.
It's called the Arachnabaohua.

And on the other side, we spotted the sniper who's been waiting for Arachnabaohua.
He's been there so long he can't move anymore.

Good thing for Anna there was a Louis Flintstone around, so she made a quick getaway from the danger zone on his contraption.... and left me behind to deal with Arachnabaohua.

Sigh, that's what friends are for huh, Anna-babe.....

Just then, who should come along but Louis Flintstone's gentle giant of a twin brother, Louis Chatuchak.
"sIr, cAn I hElP yOu?", he sing-songed.

Then, he immediately sized up the critical situation, and faster than you can say "Little Miss Muffet", he whipped out an oil spray can and a lighter and combusted Arachnabaohua!

Ah yes, peace and quiet has returned to HQ Ulu Pandan once again.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

u jus have the knack o turning pic into a story le. Hollywood's loss if you don't become a movie director or something along those lines...

is the name of the spider Bao Hua? a chinese spider?

jus like you did you sydney ones when you were a-wandering the streets... the commentaries drew interest to pic which likely i would have zipped pass...

and once again.. you tempt me into the irrectractable path of wanting to update my blog,-- as soon as i a new blog name,-- as soon as i finish my 50,000 killer paper, which i think won't happen unless i churn out 40,000 between today and tomorrow,-- as soon as i get enough sleep from last nite's lack of, -- as soon... snore.....zzzzz