Monday, January 2, 2006

how you end your year will determine how you enter the next

Nothing beats being back in CHC.
No more interrupted streaming as I am watching service online.
And again, I can jump and dance and praise and worship oh-most-happily.
You may say, "But u can do that anywhere."
Yes, but it's not the same.
There is liberty in THIS house.
After 3 years of missing it from 8,000 kms, I am finally back for good.

2005 has been quite a year.
Full of boo-boos and laughter and tears and triumphs.
Full of self-discoveries and other-discoveries.

For one....
I can no longer deny the level of klutziness i have attained in this year.
Coke, tea, name it, I've spilled them all.
Sometimes twice in the same day.
And I nearly burnt down my Melb apartment kitchen several times.
If we hadn't removed the batteries from the smoke alarm, I would have been on first-name basis with the firemen by now.

On the other hand...

I went skiing and wakeboarding and camping and fishing this year and had such fun!
It's true, nothing beats getting close to nature.
After all, it's where the majesty of God is revealed.

And I've made some really good frens this year.
Some frenships turn out just the way you expect them to, some don't.
Somewhere along the line, you are bound to have your fair share of touching and disappointing moments.
I thank God for frens, old and new, who have stayed through the thick and the thin.
For those who moved on, I am grateful that He allowed these shooting stars to shine in my life.

And where people have difficulty finding jobs back home after graduation and all, 3 job offers hit me way before I graduated.
I hadn't even re-worked my resume yet!
It made me feel totally spoilt by my really cool Daddy.
For a while, I almost didn't wanna make any decision, cos they all seemed so final.
Haha...I guess there's always that child in us that doesn't wanna grow up.
But choose I did, and although it's scary sometimes to think I made a crossroads decision, it helps to know God's in control and He's watching over me.

I've learnt in this year that God is even more gracious than some people make Him out to be.
Being the cheeky gal that I am, even if I wander off, He still keeps me within the fences of His protection.
And He feels.
He gets tickled when I am tickled.
He is heartbroken when I am heartbroken.
Issit any wonder that I lurf Him so?

All in all, I thank God for 2005, and I'm positive about 2006.
Although, I didn't catch any fireworks last night, so I reckon I'll have to watch the Chinese New Year ones TWICE. :P

For now, I am going to play hard before I start work on 16 Jan.
Can't wait! :)
A big fat happy new year to one and all!


Darren said...

Time does fly huh? Its been a long way from that time in Nonya Hut when you decided to come skiing, all the way through fishing and now wakeboarding! Happy 2006 gubaba!

GraCie said...

yeah babe. So glad to know a fun gal like you! Have a big fat happy new year to you too! ^^