Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Displacement Activity

I have an article due tomorrow, and here I am posting on my blog. :P

I have decided to make a list of what I miss about being in Melbourne.
Don't misread what I'm saying.
I lurf being back in Singapore, and I'm glad to move on, but from time to time, I find myself remembering stuff about Melbourne that I wish I had in Singapore. And for all you happy people who are going back, or already back there, ENJOY! :)

Okei, here it is!
(It's in random order, btw.)

I MISS......

1. Being queen of my domain. Haha! Which also means...
2. Having the freedom to go home anytime I want, but ironically, I tend to stay home a lot more in Melbourne. :P
3. Going for car rides, when my frens are willing and available to indulge me.
4. The parks and beaches, great for some alone-time.
5. Both cell groups and the fun we have hanging out together.
6. Watching Friends non-stop! Haha.
7. My driving lessons. :P
8. The higher probability of taking road trips or ski trips or some form of holiday.
9. The weather.
10. That my complexion is much better there! My face has been breaking out ever since I got back! :P
11. Kuai Le Zhan and all its combinations of housemates.
12. Writing letters to my frens. I imagine that, like me, they'll be happy to get something from overseas. :)
13. Bratwurst and Spanish donuts at Queen Victoria Market.
14. Having the time to meet up with people impromptu.
15. Finding clothes that I actually want to buy....window-shopping at Sportsgirl on my way home from school.
16. Having my own corner in the bathroom for my whole horde of chapalang toiletries and what-nots. Haha...
17. Studying with the LRC bunch.
18. Having people over at my place.
19. Going past the War Memorial.
20. Seeing a bigger piece of the sky when I look up.
21. The toy shop on Mt. Dandenong (Issit called Geppetto?).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i know how you feel, esp the bit about just being able to go on road trips and food =)
and it's also true that somehow i feel healthier and get less breakouts there. besides, i breathe better over there, and hardly ever got my sinus problems.
and the weather is beautiful!
I miss it....