Tuesday, February 7, 2006

take off my shoes

In the Old Testament, every priest that went into the Holy of Holies had a rope tied around his leg.
If he was impure or had secret sins in his life, the holiness of God was likely to strike him dead.
The rope meant the people waiting outside could pull him out without getting killed themselves.
This song is about a man's cry to disregard his life for that presence of God.

TAKE OFF MY SHOES (Delirious?)

I'll take off my shoes
I'm coming in
Untie this rope
I'm staying with Him
Love of my life
I'll live and die
Just for the moments
For my King and I

Why did You call
Why did You wait
For someone so guilty
Someone so fake
There are no words
For my beautiful song
Now I'm in the arms
Of my beautiful One

Hold me, blow all the pride
From my bones, with Your fire
Hold me, breathe on this heart
Made of stone, keep it pure
Hold me, Saviour of heaven and earth
King forever
Hold me, Love of my life lead me on
Through the fire, lead me on...

I'll take off this crown
And fall at Your feet
The secret of joy
Are the moments we meet
How could a man
With all of Your fame
Pull me from darkness
And call me by name

So hold me today
As I carry Your cross
Into the desert to
Find who is lost
Look at my hands
They're still full of faith
God keep them clean
Till we finish the race

I'd rather crawl forever in the presence of God than to walk a mile outside of it.

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