Monday, February 20, 2006

sunburnt from wakeboarding

My arms are crying out to be slapped, and I have a natural flush on my cheeks.
I have the ugliest swimming costume strap AND racer-backed tee print on my back and shoulders.
And I was emanating heat on the bus earlier.
I'm pretty sure my neighbour thought I was super feverish.

But the weather was nice today, albeit the latent viciousness of the sun....and I think I'm better at steering now.
I was reminded that I have hips.
They are very useful if you don't want to bore yourself out boarding in a straight line all the way.
Heh heh.
Must remember to bend my knees more though. :P
And it was strange, but I got tired and breathless on my first run!
And my arms ached more than the last time.
Hm....I think my body is settling into its comfort zone, and it wasn't too happy to be woken up today.
But, this beats the gym anytime! Haha...
At least I have fun, even though it's not exactly the cheapest of sports. :P

Okei, if you see a gal wobbling along in suntec the next few days, that'll be me with my shaky knees.


Anonymous said...

snort to gym comment.. hahahaha but i must admit wakeboarding should be more fun technically speaking -IF- and provided IF you can stand on the wake board.hahaha but sun-kissed skin sounds wonderful, not wobbly knees though. hips also sound nice to have... but heat-emanating skin-- sounds ... heaty.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

wah, sounds so good. i also want to go wake boarding... if only i have the time. gym?
no worries, about emanating heat. from now on, ye shall be dubbed the hot chick!

GraCie said...

Hey hot chick! wobbling wobbling! :D LOL Do post some pics yeah? haha

Sharon Chew's blog said...

YEH coming up soon, once I get them from louis' fren!