Wednesday, February 15, 2006

my v-day

I spent my Valentine's Day with more than 100 people.
It was rather special lah.
You can pay any amount you want for an 8-course dinner.
Every table gets a free photo-shot.
And there's champagne too.
My door-gift was a cute little white and pink salt-n-pepa shaker set.

At this point, you're asking yourself "What kind of a V-day dinner is this?! And you can pay any amount?!"
All the guys are going, "Shar, why you never tell me?!"

Well, this should give you a hint.
Halfway through, we all stood up and went "YAAAAAAMMMMMMMM SENNNNNGGGGGG!"
We raised our glasses to the wedding couple and gave them our best wishes.
Yes, I attended a wedding dinner on Valentine's Day.

It was really rather unique.
Malay food served Chinese wedding dinner style.
The food was YUMMY!
Ayam panggang and nasi kuning and sop buntut, amongst others.
Oh, and I met Louis' fren of the Cynthia there too...
You know it's a small world when your ex-housemate's fren turns out to be your cousin's classmate.

No, no photos as yet, but Daphne looked gorgeous.
Then again, she's always been pretty.
Except that now, she also looks grown-up and....married. :)

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Rqsprose - Agapetros said... know wat.....that night when I got home after V-day, I was thinking I shd make my future wedding date on V-day too.

Create an event that all married couple, courting couple and can't-wait-to-fall-in-love singles can feel the love in the air. Married and courting couple can rekindle the loving feeling they have with each other and singles might find someone can fall in love.....haha.

Hmm....good idea right?.....I shd ask Bryan to help me plan out this event first.....But I gotta find an agreeing husband with a generous heart to share such special day with so many people.